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Free time on the Pelican

Author: Linus
Date: 6th of January 2020
Geographical Position: Still on our way to Cuba
Nautical Postition: 17°29.3N/ 081°28.7W
Etmal: 156 nm

Our daily life on the Pelican of London is not just about watch and school. If we have freetime (at the moment I don’t have a lot), we have a lot of things which we can do. Here are some of our freetime activities:

1. Shanty nights

If we want and if our Bosun has time, everybody can read on the whiteboard in the messroom:
“Shanty night at (any time in the evening) with (Name of our Bosun) on the Welldeck.” Then, in the evening, everybody will be at the Welldeck and sing together and be happy.

2. Movie nights

Every Sunday is movie night. Sometimes we can decide which movie we would like to watch. This could end in cool movies like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Pirates of the Carribean”
(We have watched them for about 100 times) but it also could end in total chaos and terrible movies like “Blood Diamond”. This is usually when the teachers take over and „help“ with our decision.

3. Sleep

Something what a lot of people do in their freetime: sleeping. There are so many kinds of sleeping! Sleeping in the cabin (if you can call this sleep. I would call it passing out because of the heat!), sleeping on deck in the sun, sleeping in the messrom on the cushions and you also could be sleeping in the Bowsprit. But nobody would be so crazy to do this.

4. Boatraces

For a few days now, we have been doing boatraces. After every daily meeting two members of the watch are playing against the other two members of each watch (also the Crew). Then they are running to little boats on the other side on the ship, strapping a string on their boat and helping their team members to twizzle sticks with the strings. The first team will get four points. In the moment red watch is on the first place. Go red watch, go!

5. Writing diary

To keep all the beautiful moments in mind, a lot of people are writing their diaries. So in the evening you can see people everywhere writing and reading their diaries.

6. Linebook

In six months time, it is inevitable to say some stupid or funny things. So we are writing all epic sentences or words in the Linebook. Some of the legendary words are:
“Es schmeckt lecker bis -auf den Geschmack von Kokos!”- Emily über Kokosmakronen
“Du hast so begierig auf meinen Schlauch gestarrt.” – Jens zu Mascha über seinen Trinkschlauch auf der Teidewanderung.
“Der 30-jährige Krieg war von 1950 bis 1990.” – Marlene K.
“Gibt es eigentlich auch vegetarisches Gemüse?” – Joana
“Bananen sind Bodenschätze.” – Noé

7. Writing a story

Lately some people started writing little stories. For example I started writing my own story and its about… Oh no wait, that’s too private 😉 But I’m not the only one.

8. Reading

What are you doing if you are having enough from all the people around you and you can’t just go home? Correct! You start reading! A lot of the people here like the same kind of books. So we have two books which are getting shared and passed through the whole ship. The first is “Control” from Johannes and the second one is “200.000 Meilen unter dem Meer” from me. Btw. I’m now starting to read my 20th book. I think it is my 20th, maybe there were more…

9. Playing Cards

We have a big shelf with cards, but most of the time we are using the same three or four games.
One of the most famous games on board is “Werwolf”. But we also have some other games like UNO and other funny card games.

10. Going Climbing

Relaxing in the bowsprit or on the platform of one of the sails is very, very nice. If you are in the bowsprit, you could really say you are in a shipswing because you are in a shipswing. On the platform of one of the sails you can see the whole ship and very, very, very much water. But climbing requieres the “Pelican Monkey” which allows you to climb without a crew member. A few weeks ago Phil, Paula and Lilly got taken away their Monkey because they forgot some important things of climbing.

So that are 10 of our freetime activities. Have a nice day (or night. Depends on when you are reading this) and I say goodbye like Ruben: “Klappe drauf, Affe zu” 🙂

P.S. Grüße an Carlotta, meine Eltern und alle anderen aus der Familie 🙂 (Linus)

P.P.S. Allerliebstes Luisilein, ich wünsche dir alles Gute zu deinem Geburtstag (Johanna)

P.P.P.S. Grüße an Ritter Sport. Wir brauchen mehr Schokolade! (Angelina)

P.P.P.P.S. Liebe Grüße an da hoam. (Ben)

P.P.P.P.P.S. Schöne Grüße an Familie und Freunde Zuhause (Paula, Noé, Silja, Marco, Jens, Mara)

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. schöne Fasnet an alle Daheim.. vermiss euch alle!!!! (Sarah)

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Ganz viel Liebe an Kevin <3 (Emily)

Noch das von Stephan:

Liebe Anna,
Ja super. Sehr gerne die Variante nach Köln buchen mit Bahncard 25.
Breibergstr 1650939 Köln
Herzlichen Dank und allerbeste Grüße nach Alfter an alle, Stephan

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