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From now, it is only North and East

Date: 27.01.2021
Author: Julius M.
Position: Atlantic, close to the Panama Canal
Nautical Position: 9°21´927 N, 79°566271 W
Etmal: 0 NM (total: 8160 NM)

Now after we left the Panama Canal, it is only north and east on our way home to Germany or wherever we will arrive in the end. It’s for all of us a strange feeling that it’s now not going west and south any more, but east and north.

Die Pelican back in the Atlantic again
Back in the Atlantic again

But first it will take time to cool down and it is still a long way home. I think that we all enjoy the journey. From Panama, we will head to Bermuda, from there to the Azores and then from there to mainland Europe.

From Panama to Bermuda:

From Panama to Bermuda we probably won’t have any more shore leave or even go to any other island because of Corona. Of course, we still hope that we are able to get ashore somewhere. If they allow us to come in on some islands, we will go there and have shore leave. Also, sadly a big part of the trip to Bermuda will be under engine because the wind is very bad here in this area. But the captain said, that we will set sails as often as we can.

In Bermuda we will have a crew change again too. Captain Chris is coming back to relieve Ben, Simon will relieve Ali, Sam will relieve Simon as Boson, John will relieve Patrick and also a new Bosons mate will relieve Jo.
We will also have shore leave in Bermuda and make us ready for the second Atlantic crossing and for the North Atlantic.

Cleaning the deck
Julius und Finja cleaning the deck

From Bermuda to the Azores

On this part of the journey, we probably will have the roughest weather on the whole journey and also it will be cold again. Because of that, we will have watches with oilskins and have to get out our winter gear again. On this part, I think we will have to relay on everybody again and have to be sure that all we ever learnt is really in our head.

From the Azores

On the Azores, we probably also have time on shore. After that, we will enjoy our last weeks on the Pelican until we will arrive at home.
That all sounds as if the journey was over soon. But you also have to keep in mind that we still have more than two months on the Pelican.

Shantysinging on deck
Shantys on deck

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