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Date: 12.03.2019
Author: Bosun Pete
Position: On our way to Bermuda
Nautical position: 30° 56.7’ N; 68° 33.3’ W
Etmal: 9307 nm

We have been steadily making passage from Key West to Bermuda under full sail, outer and inner jibs, foremast staysail, gaff, fisherman, Royal, T gallant, topsail, main course, spanker and spanker topsail but early yesterday and over the last 24 hours or so the weather deteriorated, the wind increased and the swell built up.

The sudden increase in wind caused a flurry of activity about the decks of Pelican of London, and loud shouts of ‘stand by tacks and sheets, haul clews, leeches and bunts’ and many other commands particular to the sailor and sailing, all sails were handed (put away) and the students laid aloft to stow the sail securely for the prevailing sea conditions.

As a member of the permanent deck crew I sometimes take time out during these busy periods to appreciate just how much the students on board have learned on their voyage of discovery and what great sailors they have become over the past five months, virtually sailing the Pelican on their own.

This is testament to their determination to succeed and keep smiling no matter how difficult the task becomes. It is also good for the permanent crew to take pleasure in the students success since it shows that they have done a good job of teaching the students the skills required to sail such a beautiful ship as the Pelican of London.

We continue our journey to Bermuda, across the Atlantic Ocean and beyond and we still have many challenges and great times ahead, but I think one thing we can all be sure of is that we will all be better people for having shared our experiences and adventures and learned so much from each other. The world of sail training is truly a wonderful world.

PS: Liebe Nora, alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich hoffe, du hattest einen schönen Tag mit dem Rest der Bagage. Ich drücke dich aus der Ferne. – Kira
Liebe Leene, es tut mir unglaublich leid, dass ich nichts an deinem Geburtstag geschrieben habe, manchmal ist auf dem Schiff alles ein bisschen durcheinander, sodass mir dein Geburtstag komplett entfallen ist. Deshalb jetzt ein nachträgliches ‘Happy Birthday!’ Fühl dich umarmt. – Kira

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