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Fruit tasting

Author: Marlene M.
Date: 07th January 2020
Position: Coronado, Costa Rica

Today we took part in a fruit tasting class. In this we tasted 11 different fruits, which I will present you today. We got to know the Spanish names and tasted one fruit after another. It was a lot of fun.

Melón (Honeydew melon)

Honeydew melons are yellow and have an oval shape. Their flesh is usually green, which, yellow or even orange.

It weights best in a semi-arid climate (ex. Spain, Costa Rica, Italy)

Their taste can be described as juicy and sweet.

Sandía (Watermelon)

Watermelons are usually long and spherical. The colour of their fruit rind is mostly light green to dark green and can be striped or plain. Inside it is red and usually has black, brown or white seeds.

It originally comes from Africa but is now cultivated worldwide.

Due to the high-water content it has a sweet refreshing taste.

Carambola (Starfruit)

Starfruits are greenish, yellow or orange, with the yellow flesh shining through. They have an oval shape with five edges. If you cut the fruit open it has the shape of a star.

Originally, they come from Southeast Asia but are cultivated in the tropics and subtropics.

They taste from sweetish to slightly sour.

Piña (pineapple)

Pineapples have a conical shape. Its bark is yellow-brown, while its inner one can be yellow to white.

It originally comes from America but is now cultivated in tropical areas as an eastern plant.

A sweet, fruity taste with an acidic note is typical of a pineapple.

Banana (Banana)

Bananas usually have a yellow skin and a light-yellow flesh. They are elongated and usually have a curved shape.

They grow on trees and come from tropical/subtropical Asia and the Pacific region.

Bananas have a very typical sweet taste.

Pipa (coconut)

Coconuts belong to the stone fruits. They have an oval to round shape. On the outside it is mostly brown. Coconuts are filled with a layer of white flesh and coconut water.

Coconut palms prefer waterfront growth in tropical areas.

The flesh tastes sweet, slightly or salty, depending on the variety.

Uchuva (Physalis)

The round, orange berry is surrounded by a ten-edged calyx. As soon as the berry is ripe it becomes brown and papery.

It mainly grows in Africa, South America, India, Java, Australia, Kenya, New Zealand, the USA and Southern France.

The taste is very intense sweet-sour.

Papaya (Papaya)

Papayas have an elongated oval shape. The skin is yellowish-green, while the flesh is orange to pink.

They occur in southern Mexico to Costa Rica and have a juicy, mild and sweet taste.

Granadilla (Passion fruit)

Granadillas have a hard, brittle, orange-yellow skin and an oval shape. Inside are seeds which are covered by glassy, yellowish-white flesh.

The fruit is found mainly in South America, Central America and Mexico.

The taste is sweetish, hardly sour.

Caimito (Star apple)

Star apples are dark purple round berries, which occur in Central America and the Caribbean. Their flesh is soft, fleshy and white violet.

It tastes very juicy, sweet and sour.

Guayaba (Guava)

Guavas are spherical, ovoid or pear-shaped and are green, yellow or pink in colour. The placenta is white to reddish in the middle there are orange-brownish seeds. It originates from tropical and subtropical America. Their taste is sweet-sour, exotic and fruity. There is also a very special smell.

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