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Going south

Date: 27.11.2022
Autorin: Sophie 
Position: Afrikanische Küste
Nautische Position: N 26* 29.016 W 16* 53.893
Etmal: 1987,3

Advent Advent, one lightlein burns

Today I woke up on the first Advent and it was very unusual to be in the middle of the ocean with 25 degrees. Still we were all excited that the Christmas season finally started, even though we’ll probably celebrate it under palms as Christmas trees. After breakfast we listened to classic Christmas hits and were all greatful that we are lucky and don’t have to be in the cold dark Germany right now. 

Great Atmosphere 

In general we are having an amazing time all together. You can clearly see how the mood has risen since we will sail south und the days are getting longer. Some of us were just lying in the bowsprit and enjoying the weather, while others were reading in their hammock. On the watch we danced to some old songs and the lookout has never been this fun.

Even greater news are that none of us are seasick anymore, thanks to our wonderful new doctor Canan who was by our side and listened to our worries. We are all very inspired by her and her stories, since she has already travelled to a variety of countries and therefore has seen many places and cultures in the world.

One evening, two highlights 

Today is Sunday, so the day got even better because we all know by now that Martin is cooking. He served us delicious Roulades, potatoes and red cabbage, which already felt like Christmas Eve. While we were enjoying our meal, I couldn’t even trust my eyes when I saw a huge one meter fish getting pulled out of the Ocean and tangling in front of the window. Everybody ran outside and watched Martin with big wide eyes while he knocked the fish out with a huge metal rack. Some people ran around with the head of the fish which wasn’t as delicious as our meal tomorrow, when we’ll be served a freshly caught fish right from the Atlantic Ocean.

Summed up, it was a 10/10 day.

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