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Good and bad news

Date: 13.12.2022
Author: Merit
Position: Mindelo, Kapverden
Geographical Position: N 16°53.007 W 24°59.927
Etmal: 2550 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Not the nicest surprise

When we woke up we thought we will start crossing the Atlantic, but then we got the news that we can’t go today because we have to wait for some new crew members.


After breakfast we had Physics class with Flo Bro. We had to find out how much electric power each device on Bord has and that’s how we could find out our average of electricity.

Swimming with turtles and beach clean up

We lucky guys had the chance to swim with turtles! We went by bus to a beach more in the south of the island, we then split up in two groups, one went with a little boat out on the ocean and could watch the turtels, the other group got plastic bags and cleaned up the beach as far as possible. Then the groups swapped and we could also see the turtels.
They were so many and some of them were really big. They weren’t scared at all when all of us swam right next to them. We weren’t allowed to touch them but they could touch us, then we should keep our fingers together, otherwise they could have bitten us. It was a lot of fun to experience being so close to turtels.

Reflection Group

When we came back to shore we would sit together in our reflection group and talked about the topic family and friends and how important it is and that we are so thankful for having people in our lives who we can tell everything and feeling loved just by being around them.

Chilling on shore

Now we had free time, we could go swimming, just laying around or getting something to eat in a beatiful beach restaurant. We then made a group picture which took really long until everyone was there and you could actually see everyone in the picture. Back in the bus we drove to the floating bar and took the dinghy back to our beautiful ship.

New crew members

On bord we welcomed our new cook Milo and Ruben, our new officer. We all hope we have an amazing time with the new crew and get along well with them, but we already miss Jo, David and Kester.

Happy Birthday to Franz from Adam! Love you!🥳❤️

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