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Hair Styles on the Pelican

Author: Victor
Date: 15.2.2021
Position: Nearly Bermuda
Nautical position: 24°19,2 N; 080°41,6W
Etmal: 97 nm
No blocked Toilet: 0 days

Today I want to write about the different kinds of hair styles on the Pelican. It’s very funny to see, how the hair styles changed over the time. Some people came with short hair on board and have now long hair, others came with long hair and now they have short hair.

If you are a few month on a ship with the same people, you start feeling more comfortable to try something new. Sometimes in a positive way, but sometimes also in a negative way.

The funniest haircut session was on Tenerife: JP aka Julius P. and Janek shaved their hair completely and looked very different. More or less like the hairstyle that Lorn normally has.

Max in the jungle
sometimes it’s just a plait…

Caspar and Lukas started on Tenerife a moustache-competition: they both shaved themselves a moustache and the person, whoever shaves himself first, loses.

Dressing Saloon on board
Beauty-Salon on board of the Pelican

When he starts an Atlantic crossing towards the Caribbean, Nico always shaves himself a moustache too. As soon as we arrived on land after the crossing, he had a full beard again.

In the Caribbean we had the biggest hair cutting session: Mats, Karun, Elias and Manski aka Julius M. got there hair cut by Finja. I don’t want to say that Finja can’t cut hair, but she has a special way to cut hair, which looks very funny. Luki and Caspar tried to cut Niggos hair, but there were more struggles with the shaver, then cutting hair.

Victor with new hair dress

Because of the wind Sophia E. braided my hair into braids, which wasn’t such a good idea. After 5-6 hours she was finished. On the next day my head skin got sunburnt.

Nicolas and his moustache
Nicolas and his moustache.

Yesterday, on Carnival, we all dressed up as someone or something. Lorn was dressed up as Simon (our Bosun), so Silja shaved Lorn a monk-hair-style (very short hair in the middle of his head, longer hair on the outside), that he looks like Simon. Simon dressed up like me, witch was very amusing. He put a mob on his head and did Loom-bands around, that it looked like braids. Also he had a ‘V’ flag on, which means in the fanatic Alphabet: ‘Victor’.

In total it’s very funny and amazing, that some people tried something new and trusted others to cut their hair.

Elias with red hair
A bit of natural rainforest-colour also makes a good hairstyle!

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