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Haircutting day

Date: 21.12.2018
Author: Nele
Position: Karibik
Geographical Position: 12.30,2N 064.32W
Etmal: 165 NM (total: 5600 NM)

At night, it was my first time in the nightwatch from 4.00 to 8.00 o’clock. During that, I really had to concentrate to keep my eyes open and not to fall a sleep again. So I was pretty glad that I had the job of of the watch leader, thanks to that I had an task for the night.

After breakfast, I went to my bed as fast as possible. My alarm started at ten o’clock and it was a really hard five minutes lasting fight thinking about sleeping again or working on my newspaper report. Finally, I decided to do the working part.

Because my laptop has been broken down, Marlen borrowed her laptop, so I wrote till the energy turned off. Don’t think I was too productive, the battery was already low when I started. Today, I wasn’t in a very creative mood. 

For lunch, it was rice pudding, it’s my seasickness-food, what means that the taste und smell of it just reminds me of vomiting and made me feel bad. So I ate a half bowl with as much fruits on it as I possibly could and the rest I gave to Niklas, who was still hungry.

After that, I was showering and decided to cut my hair. Kira R. and Sophie designed me a new hairstyle and I was really surprised I didn’t care about my hair. I would even say I was completely chilled. School started and we got our math test back. Suitable for the new theme, stochastic, we calculated the chance of having a five in the test. Good thing was, that the chances were small. 

After dinner, we discussed our program at Christmas. When I realised that Christmas will be already in three days, I was absolutely shocked. There are no Christmas feelings at all – although we all try hard to create the right atmosphere. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the 24th even though I realised I have galley duty that day, I try to not worry about it. Now I’m sitting in the mess room, going to write my letter for Santa and looking forward to go to bed earlier than yesterday.

Greetings and Merry Christmas from Nele🎄

P.S.: Meine liebe Familie, ich hoffe ihr habt euren Umzug erfolgreich und mit möglichst wenig Stress hinter euch gebracht. Lebt euch gut ein und macht es euch gemütlich! Eure Nele

P.P.S: An Lulu, ich wünsche dir alles Gute zu deinem 14. Geburtstag. Alles Liebe aus der Karibik. Viel Spaß, Freude und Gesundheit. 
An den Rest meiner Familie frohe Weihnachten❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PPPS: Tabea and Louiz got their chocolate yesterday. Today? “Although the person for today is often very quiet, he is always helping when there is anything to do. We were together in the blue watch and he definitely was our best helmsman, being always on course when I had to take over from him. // Today’s recipient was our last captain. In his free time he likes to catch drones. He’s very easy to talk to and a great listener. Let’s hope he enjoys the chocolate  ;)”

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