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Half way done or three months to go

Date: 25.01.2023
Author: Frederik Lorenzen
Position: Jaco
Ship: Regina Maris

Today was the day! For some of us it stands for three more months to go, while others say it’s the half way done. Decisions on the one side influenced by stormy weathers in the Biscaya, Seasickness or „delicious“ Food, but on the other side playing beach volleyball, seeing whales on Christmas and traveling through Costa Rica with your Expedition Group.

Messi or Ronaldo

And again three hours of learning Spanish. After eating Pancakes for breakfast we went to the Spanish school starting our spanisch lessons. First we had a decision about who’s better, Ronaldo or Messi. The fact our spanish teacher being team Messi we used later while playing whispered mail to get some bonus points. Whenever we didn’t know a sentence we somehow transformed it into: „Messi es el major“ and then she was laughing again. So you see learning Spanish can be quite fun.


Today we had fried fish with fries and salad. Super important because for the upcoming surfing lessons we needed do gain energy. As sauces we had ketchup, mayo and Remoulade and in my opinion it was the best meal we had in the hostel. After Lunch we took our towels, lots to sunscreen and our swimming trunks to go to the beach

To do or to do not, there is no try

Afternoon programm for today was finally surfing. Full of motivation we went about 30 minutes to the beach, ready to jump into the waves. After we arrived we spent some time doing the introduction in standing up, how to lay on the board and safety. Next step was the warm up, super important when surfing to prevent injuries. Finally we were allowed to go in the water. Together with super long surfboards a partner and a surf instructor, we went into the super warm water. After catching waves the whole day we were super exhausted but super exited for the next lesson because the conditions getting better.

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