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Here we go again

Date: 11.02.2019
Author: Felix
Position: Caribbean Sea
Geographical Position: 20°11.4 N/82°17.5
Etmal: (total) 7605 nm

And here we go again. My fourth daily report and again I’‘m sitting in the mess room and have no idea what I should write about. Many people wrote in their daily reports about every stop we visited and about every seamile we passed. So what should I write about? About the ship? But they wrote about it already, covered every line and every squarecentimeter of the deck. So, if I‘’m not telling you something new about the ship, I could write about our environment.

Let’’s look into the North: We see water everywhere, water, clouds and a blue sky.
Let’’s look into the East: What do you see? Yes, you’‘re right: water and a blue sky.
Let‘’s look into the South, what can we see? Water? Blue sky? Yes, excellent answer, we see endless water and a blue sky.
Let’’s look into the West, what do we see? Yeah you know, our environment is not that interesting.

Maybe I should talk about the people on board. Yes, they’‘re all pretty interesting folks! I could tell you about their day, about my day, if that’s what you want to hear. Anyways, it is just the normal routine that everybody onboard the Pelican shares.

Is it actually interesting enough to write about how I get up in the morning, how I put on my clothes, how I eat breakfast, how I sit in school, how I write this history test, how I eat lunch, how I absolved my watch, how I ate dinner and how I sit here and write this report? Is it this what brought you here?  

Yes maybe it is, but we don’’t feel this excitement here on board of our Pelican of London every day. We don’’t think about how interesting and spectacular this voyage sounds for you, dear reader of this report. For us, this is just the life we live, we are spending our days between these paradises, between the romantic of the sea and the countries where there are beautiful beaches, the jungle and everything else that takes our breath.

If you now want to put down your phone or turn off your computer and think:
„Why do I even read a daily report without getting any information about the day?“ Don’’t be disappointed, I would like to share with you one moment of the day: 

This morning I ate my breakfast outside and like every day I sat there to enjoy the sunrise. But the sunrise this morning was a special one: The colors changed from orange to pink and all the pink and orange colored clouds were reflected in the blue waves of the sea. Just try to imagine this picture together with the salty smell of the ocean, the movement of the waves and the nice and warm breeze of the wind. Hopefully, in your phantasy it feels as beautiful as it felt in real life.

P.S.: Joachim, ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Geburtstag und lass dich feiern!

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