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Datum: 28th October 2022
Authors: Juno, Nikita
Position: Haringhaven
Nautische Position: N 52°2 E 004°3
Etmal: 12,2

How to watch

This morning we woke up in a very special way. Maliqa and Benjamin D. stormed into our rooms while playing the guitar to wake us up. After breakfast we split up into our watch groups and learned a few important things about watch. For example how to steer the ship and how to locate our current position. We also learned how to communicate on board, for example by using the clock or the fists in order to figure out were the points on the horizon are, to show the watchleader were possible problems or issues could be. We also learned that we have to write everything down every hour, like how cloudy it is and what pressure and the location and things like this. Then we discussed what social rules we want on board to make life on board as enjoyable as possible for everyone.After all this we had a big break, where we talked and read books, and some wrote in their diaries.


After that, our watch was allowed to climb up the mast which was very exiting and cool. We had a great view over Amsterdam, but it was also a littlebit scary up there and kinda tricky to climb over the platforms, but everyone came back down safe. Off we go!

After a quick tour around the ship with David and Lex, where we saw the Engineroom and learned where our warm water and electricity comes from, we started to prepare to leave the Harbour.

For that we needed to store things, so that nothing is flying around the ship as we will be on the wavy open ocean soon. The last thing to do before we could leave the Harbour is scrubbing the deck so that everything is nice and clean.

Now we were finally able to leave Amsterdam and sail down the canal. We all were very exited and were standing on deck to see what is happening around. The emotions were very great and everyone was happy that our trip began.
Two hours and a lock (Schleuse) later we arrived at Haringhaven.

We have to stay here at night because the wind comes from the direction we want to sail so we have to wait until tomorrow when the wind turns so we can sail on the Nordsee. Right now in the evening we‘re allowed to have a movie night. We’re all sitting in the Messroom watching James Bond. But later we have to go on the deck to practice how to do watch and how to note down the weather conditions ands stuff like that. But right now we‘re enjoying the movie.

Zitat of the day:
Jonathan „mit Leidenschaft werde ich dich wecken!“

P.S.: Grüße gehen raus an die Cabin 10 und Valentin natürlich.
Und Grüße an die Aue 62!

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