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High tunes day on the Sea!!

Date: 23.12.2022 
Author: Pola
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: N 13 35.6 W 49 11.9
Etmal: 4086
Ship: Regina Maris

Morning with sunrise

I started the day with the best watch, with the best sunrise und the usually best morning DJ Brother Jacob. That is my highlight every morning: Beats with Jacob”! The bad news today was that the pipe from the water maker was working for 100%, so that means we can’’t shower for few days. Maybe also for Christmas:).



After our watch we chilled at the main deck and I did my characterization for the English class. Suddenly it started raining and me and my friend Rosa danced with music in the rain!! That was so fun:)) Our Lunch was so delicious, we all love our new cook! In the afternoon we had our diving class with Caro, our board medic. It was very interesting and we learned something about diving accidents and what happens with pressure under water. During our lesson it got really stormy and everything was flying around. Thats always funny but you really get used to it and now it’s part of our every day schedule.  Caro also explained us the Fist Aid. After this lesson we had our German class with Jacob. We analyse a Sachtext and after that we read the beginning from the book from Dalai-Lama ,,Ethik ist wichtiger als Religion”“. I think I would really like to read that book! 


After we finished our school stuff I joined the Charlie 1 watch and we had a perfekt evening watch with some dancing and singing sessions. While we’’re at it, currently the Charlie watch is a very controversial subject on board. The reason for that is that the Charlie watches had in comparison to the other watches the time slots from 01:00 to 00:50. ,,So unfair!!!”“ I can understand the problem but I try to stay unbias in this point. In the end of the evening, we had our dinner, as always, very delicious!! Everyone was happy and we had a cosy evening with many nice chats and some of us finished the first level of our training record book: Otherwise, we’ll get no free shore leave.

So to sum up, the day was really high tunes! Turn up!!! (I love our insiders)

Quote of the day: Sei‘ mein Dextose Dad~ Jacob to Flo 

P.S.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMY!! I miss u so much und frohe Weihnachten auch an alle zu Hause, Briefe kommen bald<3, ein paar erst nach der Überquerung (;

Lina: Happy happy Christmas everyone. Ich wünsche allen zu Hause ganz tolle Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch. Mir geht es super hier (wirklich!) und bald sprechen wir wieder. Das crossing ist echt toll!! Hab euch ganz dolle lieb :))

Vanessa: Merry Christmas an alle daheim, genießt Weihnachten! Ich melde mich nach der Überquerung. 🙂

Brian: Greetings to the Kelley’s and Kluge’s, I hope you guys are having a great time in Budapest and a wonderful Christmas time. I loved all your letters and have to say that they were very beautifully written! Ich habe euch alle lieb und wünsche so ziemlich alles Gute zu Weihnachten! 

Marietta: Merry Christmas Family, Friends und Orlando und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!! Ich hoffe ihr habt eine schöne Zeit, ihr fehlt mir<3

Marlene: Merry Christmas Mama und Papa- I hope you’’re enjoying Morocco:) and Oma Opa, frohe Weihnachten, alles Liebe und viel Spaß in eurer neuen Wohnung!!!

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