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Hiking, Pizza and Party

Date: 23.11.2022
Author: Anna
Position: Teneriffa, Hafen
Nautical Position: N 28 27.628 W 16 14.695
Etmal: 1849.9

Sunshine at the Teide

student Anna

Today we visited the Guayara together with the Larries from the Pelican. Unfortunately we were not able to go up the Teide, because the place we intended to stay over night was closed due to the pandemic. So we went up a mountain next to the Teide.

The view was more than great. Our lunch bags with yummy cheese toast were really premium too. We had been hiking for five or six hours and the sun was hot as hell. Big sunburn tomorrow is safe.

Party on the Reggie

After the bus arrived all of us were sprinting to the showers. Afterwards we instantly started setting up our party that we had been organising for the last few days. We organized an evening-program with karaoke, music and dancing. The deco-team decorated the ship and designed some PowerPoint-karaoke. The music-team was playing the music and was responsible for the karaoke. Another team prepared funny pick up lines. The pizzas arrived just in time with the grannies of the second hiking group.

And Martin, our hero, organized as a surprise a band, which were playing everytime Martin arrives in Teneriffa. They played Spanish and international songs, by which we all could sing with them and swing our hips with the beat. Everyone were dressed nicely and were dancing. We made a circle and each of us showed our best dance moves.

Lex, our first Officer, had a hip swing like a Cobra. The Larrys from the Palican were happy about our delicious water, because theirs tasted like chlor. And the snacks were solid. Some were laying on top of the wheelhouse, watching the star and enjoying the music. We were spread all over the boat and some handed out snacks. Overall the evening was a great success.

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