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Date: ​​​21th February 2023
Author: ​​​Lennox
Position: ​​St. George’s, Bermuda
Nautical Position: ​32°22‘.647N 064°40‘.639W
Etmal: ​​​10271nm
Ship: ​​​Pelican of London

Today we had a really entertaining tour full of information. It feels like our guide just lived the history and didn’t stop talking. His knowledge of St. George and Bermuda was very stunning, he knew of every single year which is important for Bermuda’s history and a lot of ships, that wrecked in the reef of Bermuda.

In addition to that, he showed us the second oldest house and the first street that was built in Bermuda. The street is called water street and it was the first named street on this island and they call it water street because it is close to the water, very creative.

The house that I mentioned has two crosses to every side. Many tourists may think that this is another church in town, but it’s not. The two crosses on each side are actually holes, through which they shot to defend the building back in the days. But why was it of such importance? Because it was used as a governmental place in the past, where they made rules and laws.

For example, in the past, they decided that nobody in Bermuda was allowed to kill turtles and birds anymore because they ate them to extinction. There is one bird named ,,Karah’’, a type of albatross which was the second closest species to extinction. But fortunately, they were repopulated and in the last year there were 165 breading couples.

Foodtruck > Icetruck (Food for Pelican)

During the afternoon a truck bought us the food which we ordered, because we ate most of the provisions we stocked up in Cuba and for that reason we nearly ran out of food. Anyways, as the food arrived in the truck, we made a long chain to stow the food as fast as we could, because it started raining, no it was pouring. We could only see less than about 50 meters anymore. But now we have some food again.

,,Spirit of Bermuda’’

In the evening we had a very interesting tour on another tallship, which is called “Spirit of Bermuda’’. It’s a three-masted sailing vessel without square sails (Bermuda sloop). It has a special type of sails. I think that the form of the sails is a triangle but I am not sure, the sails were stowed and we didn’t see them while they were set. But all in all, it is a beautiful tallship which is built very differently to ,,Pelican’’ but it looks really clean and comfortable. But what mission does this ship have? It is a school-trainee-vessel like Pelican. But they don’t sail such long distances. It just sails the Caribbean Sea.


Thea: Lieber Apa! Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich hab‘ Dich ganz dolle lieb, hoffe, Du hast einen schönen Tag und lässt Dich gut feiern. Ich freue mich, Dich wieder zu sehen und ganz viele kleine Croissants und Pfannkuchen zu essen.
Elizabeth: Liebe Grüße an Imgard. Liebe Grüße an Mama, Papa, David, Valerie und Iva auch an Oma, Oma und Opa. Alles Gute an Amelie, freu‘ mich schon auf Hamburg!
Caro: Ich hab Dich ganz dolle lieb Jana, bleib stark! Wenn ich wieder da bin, dann werde ich Dich ganz fest drücken. Bis dahin fühl Dich trotzdem ganz fest gedrückt. Grüße auch Karsten und Christoph ganz lieb von mir.
Sophie: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Papa, ich hoffe du hast einen schönen Tag!
Lara: Ich hab‘ euch lieb Dino und Dide! Ich freu‘ mich so auf euch und drück‘ euch ganz feste!!! Ich grüße meine liebste Klara, Franzi und Eliiiizabeeeth!
Franzi: (Lennox hat nicht nur Mädchen gefragt, ob sie grüßen wollen. Sie sind alle zu ihm gekommen!) Noch 5 Tageeee!!!! Außerdem grüße ich Joshi ganz herzlichst!!!!

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