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Date: 10 November 2019
Author: Joana
Position: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Geographical position: 28° 27.905’N, 16°14.706’W
Etmal: 0

WOW. 31 Days ago, we were all coming together in Bordeaux, to start this breath taking journey. We had our feedback today, so I want to give you guys some insight how our lives have changed and how we live in our new home.

Eine Doppelseite mit Fragen für die Teilnehmer
Die Seite für das Feedback in unserem Klarheit-Kalender


…that’s a pretty good word to start off my explanation of our situation. When we left Bordeaux we all knew that the Pelican would be our new home and the crew would be our new family for six months. But I was not the only one who didn’t realize the fact that I would live here for the next six months without my family and friends that are at home back in Germany.

Things have changed

But now I’ll tell you the change after one month, full of emotions and feelings. This whole journey started completely messy. Because of the bad sea sicknesses, a lot of us were homesick. It sounds horrible and it was horrible… trust me. But just because of that we started to become a team and give those the love and support who needed it.

Gruppenforo mit Stop Microwaste Shirts unter einer Palme
Gruppenfoto von dem Tag mit STOP!MICROWASTE… Wir sind ein Team! Mehr und mehr „wie eine echte Familie“.

The seasickness, as bad as it was, was the reason, that we don’t really get ashamed in front of each other. We’re becoming more and more a real family and even get closer. Now, after only one month, it feels like we have been living on this ship for years.

All this stuff we have to do has become a routine and we’ve learned how to deal with very confusing situations and learn some new skills, for example that a few of us (the big brains on board, aka Marlene K., Lilly, Johannes, Paula and I) were going down, instead of up, when we were on our way to the top of Teide. Yup we’re all a little bit lost sometimes. But back to the board life…

Sharing is caring

Yes, sometimes it is really annoying that there is all the time someone around you and you cannot even go to the toilette alone because someone else wants to take a shower and you’re ending up with five people in the bathroom, taking a shower, doing their toilet stuff and talk about the lemon cake from Abby (this cake is 100 times better then the brownies. Trust me you’ll be addicted to it).

Joana schlägt Eier in einen Topf
Joana beim Küchendienst

Or that the boys room blocks the washing machine every single time. But all this makes us a big family. Also the fact, that when you’re not feeling well everybody is taking care of you and tries to make you feel better even if they’re also not feeling good. Our Motto: sharing is caring.

We’re sharing love, food, clothes, jokes and especially diseases. It’s our home and we love it. I hope you’ve got a little impression how we live our life after one month.

PS: Charlotte.. der 15. November wird gefeiert <3

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