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How are we feeling today?

Date: 06.02.2019
Author: Kira R.
Position 15.29.8N, 81.44.5W
Etmal: 118 NM (total 7299 NM)

For today’s daily report, I asked everybody on board how they feel so that you can see how your loved ones are doing right now. I think, all in all, a lot of us are tired because I asked them in the morning (oops!) but also happy and grateful to be here on board. Motoring against the waves caused some seasickness and exhaustion after we left Panama, but most are about to get over it. 

Marlen: wunschlos happy, tired but really excited 

Kira M.: happy, annoyed because of bathroom (flooded), relaxed

Sophie: feeling in sync with the ship, happy, relaxed

Elisa: smiling, seasick, excited to cut Anousch’s hair 

Theresa: happy, not seasick, sporty (worked out in the morning)

Nele: ready to go aloft, busy like Lizzy, sleepy

Marcel: tired because of watch but loving the watch, excited for Cuba

Louiz: happy, relieved, full (satt)

Robert: tired, looking forward to Cuba, ready

Christian: not seasick, annoyed by Kira R. because she is a know-it-all, happy because almost end of watch, hungry, slow

Sinan: little bit seasick, hungry, tired

Tati: tired, excited, sick

Tabi: happy because she made pancakes for breakfast

Niki: blue (that always happens after his birthday), blessed (to do this trip with all these wonderful people) and blown-away (by the wind and all the experiences we make)

Christin: heart-broken, craving sugar, wrinkled

Miriam: clean (shower day AND laundry day), craving sugar, not seasick

Johannes: happy, not seasick, grateful

Pene: exhausted and great

Justus: tired, lucky, grateful

Poldi: thankful, motivated, exhausted

Nils: sleepy, happy, hungry

Helena: happy, she’s got a cold, happy

Fabi: tired, happy, relieved

Basti: tired, seasick, happy

Nick: well rested, thirsty, hungry

Niklas: sick (he’’s got a cold), creative mode on (thinking about what to print) ;), best life vibes

Peer: relaxed, happy, sunny

Rene: tired, motivated, seasick

Lizzy and Ronja: #motigalleym/ventor, #sticky, #ricepuddingwithcilantro

Felix: tired, strained, happy

Elly: happy, healthy (again), tired

Pete: happy, content, tired

Eugenio: bien porque estamos navigando

Abbie: happy, not tired, calm 

Anousch: HAPPY, not seasick anymore, sunburnt and afraid of Elisa cutting her hair

Lauryn: tired, hopeful, grateful

Brian: well, because all good with the engine, happy

Babs: happy, frustrated because there is no butter for breakfast today

Ben: sleepy, frustrated because of the wind but happy, bewitched

Mo: joyful, good, thankful

Kira R.: tired, thankful, excited for Cuba, not a know-it-all

P.S. von Lauryn: Alles Gute zum 18. Geburtstag Jolinchen 😛

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