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How do you feel?

Date: 20.11.19
Author: Johanna
Position: Mindelo, Cape Verde
Geographical Position:23°48.6 N 019°39.1 W
Etmal: 0

Today I asked all the people on board how they are feeling, because I think everyone would like to know how their loved ones are doing right now. I think a lot of us are tired, only because I asked them in the evening after a long day. In the morning we visited Mindelo and after that we went to the beach and enjoyed our time there.

Joana: really wants to have apple crumble, she misses her friends and family and she´s sad because her laundry smells like „beeep“. *

Lea: would be happy if her room was tidy, (Cabin 6 has a very big problem with tidyness), tired because she didnt have enough sleep, stinky because our bathroom is flodded.
Greetings to: Chiara, Azlea, Linda

Sarah: Tired but happy because she´s not hungry and had a beautiful day.

Ella: Stressed because I disturbed her while she was eating, happy about the nice day and “dahoamigkeitsgefühl” because there´s a great atmosphere on board.

Amelie: Tired because she had little sleep, dirty because there´s sand everywhere, happy because we are here.

Linus: Exited to meet the new captain, annoyed by his flodded cabin.
Greetings to Carlotta

Silja: Lucky because it was a beautiful day, tired because she didnt sleep well, annoyed because she wants to shower

Frida: Tired because the day was exhausting, happy because she likes being with the people on board, sad because she misses her family

Angelina: Burned because she has a sunburn, tired because not enough sleep, very happy because adventures and food

Jonas: A little bit ill, tired because he did not have much sleep, happy about the beautiful day.
Greetings to his grandma

Lilly: Amazing because the food was nice, excited because we will soon cross the Atlantic, confused looking for her Klarheit book

Simon: Calm because he had enough sleep, energetic, happy because he´s aiming for his goals

Hannah: happy because life is beautiful here, exhausted because little sleep and illness, excited

Max: Would be happier if Emily was here but he´s okay, happy because we were at the beach.

Paul: Stressed about the question, awake because he had enough sleep, hungry because he´s always hungry

Marlene K.: Happy because again on land, sick because she´s sick, grateful that we have grown together and looking after each other like a family.
Greetings to her grandparents.

Florett: Tired after the work in the galley, happy because she had time to read her book on the beach, thankful to Lea and Marco because they gave her chocolate
Greetings to: Henri, Alex, Marco and Uli.

Ruben: Happy because he finished his day, tired because he had a full, hard working day, psyched for the Atlantic crossing

Noe: super because she ate a cake, happy because she is with her friends, a little homesick because she loves her family so much

Paula: tired because she did not have enough sleep, happy because of the beach
Greetings to: her family, Lulu, Marlene und Cleo

Marco: Hot because sun burnt, happy because of the beach
Greetings to: Sonja, Lukas, Mama, Papa and grandparents.

Mara: glad because she got the chance to be here, exited because of the new adventures waiting for her, interested in visiting the GEOMAR.

Marlene M.: sad because she´s missing here friends and family, happy because she has made some good friends here
Greetings to: Celina, Greta, Mama, Papa and her grandparents and all the people at home.

Carl: exhausted because he didn’t sleep much, happy because it was a beautiful day, impressed because we are in the Cape Verdes.

Laura: Tired because not enough sleep, happy about the cheesecake, missing her family

Johannes: Tired because he has got no sleep, excited because we are in a new country, hungry, because he missed breakfast.

Phil: In pain because he´s very sun burnt, tired because little sleep, happy because he played soccer with some Cape Verdians.

Jens: relaxed because he collected shells, annoyed because he hates dogs, self-ironic because he´s the only one who hates dogs.

Miriam: looking for adventures in the new city, excited to visit the research institute, hungry because she forgot to eat lunch

Johanna: thankful for the new friends, happy because the Cape Verde are beautiful, tired because 00:00- 02:00-watch.

Greetings to: Lucil, Luise, Isana, Liv, Ani, Nysc, my parents, siblings and to my grandparents

*Editor’s note: some content might be slightly adjusted 😉

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