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How is the time in Costa Rica going to be?

Date: 26.12.2020
Author: Lorn
Position: Coast of Columbia
Nautical Position: 12°36,5 N, 71°09,8 W
Etmal:143NM (6688NM)

How is the time in Costa Rica going to be?

Today I would like to talk about my expectations and hopes for the time in Costa Rica. In my next daily report, which is at the end of  our stay in Costa Rica I will write about how it really was.

Our camping experience

I hope that our camping place is going to be as nice as it sounds like. Niggo (Nicolas) told us that there is a lot to do. We have a gym, a pool, a soccer place and a tennis place. I think all of us will spend a lot of time there, because we can do sports and just faff around. For many of us,  this is a thing which we miss here on board. All of us together on a camping place sounds like a chaos and a lot of fun. Why? I just think about rigging up our tents, keeping them clean or even that we will have to cook for ourselves. But we can and will manage it together, like all the rest of our journey.

The program

Before we arrive in Puerto Límon on the second of January, we have to pack all the stuff in our cabins and clear them totally. Today we got the packing list for Costa Rica. We have to pack a lot  in our trekking backpacks. The stuff which we are not taking with us will stay on the Pelican. In the beginning we will stay on the camping place close to San Jose and Franzi from the office in Berlin will be joining.

Sven and Niggo will then leave for their holidays. Priska stays with us for the language school. We are all very excited about the first week and some of us are a littlebit afraid. But I think that it will be great fun and we can learn much, besides the language also something about the world and humans or yourself. In the second week Priska is leaving too and Franzi and one other person from Germany are alone with all of us in the surfing place on the west coast. In the third week Sven and Niggo are coming back for the coffee farm and the rainforest. 

Gepäck auf der Pelican
Packen für Costa Rica (2019) – jedes Jahr ein besonderer Spaß!

What we are looking forward to the most

What we are looking forward to the most is the surfing, because we all enjoyed it on Madeira. And when we are not surfing on the beach we will just hang around and play games. Just thinking about it is already so nice. And when we are not surfing or trying to learn Spanish, then we are on the coffee farm or in the rainforest.

It will be for all a nice and big experience and we will see how it is there. I expect a lot of fun and to see nice things which will change our lifes.

For all of us, it will be a big experience. Also it will be more than half of the voyage over when we come back to the ship. Because of this, we all are very happy. After Costa Rica it´s going to feel as if  the voyage is nearly finished.


We thank all the people who make it possible for us to go to Costa Rica and all our families at home  for supporting us. A big thanks to Johan, Franzi and Monika in Berlin for the hard work. A very big thanks to our Niggo, Sven and Priska for being our teachers. Yes, they are our teachers and much more than that. We are a big family and this is why Costa Rica and the rest of the voyage will be so nice.

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