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How to look like a teletubby

Date: 26th of September 2021
Authors: Ariadni and Paula
Position: Kiel, Hafen
Geographical Position: 54°20.1‘N; 010°09.4‘E
Etmal: 0 NM

Since the Pelican of London is such a beautiful and impressing sailing ship, we obviously had many visitors on the pier. These people had a lot to see today.

Security Briefing

After getting our Ocean College Lernbuch, a loud alarm system sound was heard and every trainee, teacher and watchleader came to the poopdeck. Luckily it was only for practice, but it worked pretty well, since everyone was on deck in time.

Group of Teletubbies

Suddenly we all transformed into red teletubbies. That must have looked very funny. The suits we were wearing are a mixture of wet- and drysuits and they are supposed to keep us warm and nice in case we have to abandon the ship. The most important thing about the suits is that they have a line with which we can stay together in the water and sing shanties.

Another group of Teletubbies

A few minutes later every trainee got their harness. You might ask yourself what a harness is. That is the gear we need for climbing and clipping us onto safety lines while being at sea. If you forget your harness somewhere on the ship, the only way getting it back is by trading it for a piece of cake.

After dinner we did some fun games to get to know everybody a little better. The highlight was a bridge building competition. Teams of four people had to build a bridge only out of cardboard and paper. The criteria were that three bars of choclate had to fit under the bridge vertically and lay on it while Michi was blowing against our structures. In the end the aesthetic mattered. Congratulations to Knut, Daisy, Lilly and Paula, the winning team.

Winning team of a bar of chocolate

Checking that no one comes onboard and the ship is safe was our task from midnight to two in the morning. Observing the wind conditions is also part of the harbourwatch. Being tired we enjoyed the reflection of the lights and the silence.

P.S.: Grüße von Ariadni an meine Eltern und meinen Bruder: Ich bin noch am Leben…
Grüße von Paula an Mia, Mama, Papa und Momi und alle anderen die das lesen 🙂

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