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Date: 6th December
Author: Lea
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position:  13°52.2 N, 51°32.2 W
Etmal: 133nm

Lea auf der Pelican

Imagine…… living our life. Buying your food at least for a period of 2-4 weeks and yeah, this means after one and a half weeks eating pasta and rice everyday, because there is no more fresh food left. The cool thing is you have desert everyday, e.g brownies, cookies, tiramisu, lemon cake, apple crumble, rice pudding or Vanillekipferl. Amazing, isn’t it?

Always walking around like a drunk old sailor because the ship is rolling all the time. I think this is the reason why we stay so fit, although we eat so much food and chocolate (we really eat tons of chocolate).

Imagine…… sitting in the morning class and realising that you don’t even know the full name of your teacher so you just say: “Good morning Mister Jens!“ So school has started and you sit in the Messroom (this is were we usually eat or just hang around) and you really try to concentrate on the maths lesson.

You hear a lot of Christmas music from the galley, you can already smell the brownies and that there will be Schnitzel for lunch, but you still keep concentrated. And then someone is screaming: “We’ve got a fish!“ and everyone is running outside, also your teacher because he is the fisher master. And this is when your concentration level sinks…

Imagine……you are in the bathroom. First you have to flush before you actually take a seat on your toilet. This is to check if the toilets are still working, sometimes they don’t because the vacuum system shut off and than you just wish that you had tested them before.

Every third day you can take a shower but first you have to check the healing of the ship. If you don’t do so the water won’t go down the drain and that means you have to guide it with your hands towards the drain. Ok, so now you are standing in the shower, actually you are sitting because otherwise it is too slippery, and you turn the water on and rinse yourself of for a maximum of 30sec.

Then you take your shampoo and your eraser and you make everything clean. Just keep in mind that the ship is still rolling around. At the end you have some seconds to rinse everything of and clean the shower.

Imagine……sleeping in a room with 32°C and you want to open your window to get some fresh air. The problem is, that it is not possible to open your window because they are too close to the sea level. When you are not in port or on anchorage you don’t even have daylight in your cabin, because for terms of safety the cover for your window needs to be closed.  

zwei Mädchen beim Aufräumen

Imagine……washing your clothes always with 30°C, it doesn’t matter how dirty they are.

Imagine……opening a door. You always have to secure it or just close it right behind you, otherwise it will slap for sure.

Imagine……six girls getting ready for a day at the beach in a room with three squaremeters of floor. Just not possible.

Imagine……living our great life on board! With all those cakes, dolphins, sun, love, surrounded by all those nice, friendly and beautiful people.

Maybe all those imaginations sounded a bit hard, strange or not common to you. But for us it is just normal. And we love it!!

P.S. Papa, ich wünsche dir ganz viel Glück für den SKS. Ich denke an dich und drück dir die Daumen.


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