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Interesting Interviews with some special guests

Date: 12. October 2021
Authors: Maria and Yarina
Position: Bay of Biscay
Geographical Position: 48°24.6‘N , 006°13.5‘W
Etmal: 153 NM (total distance: 909NM)

Welcome to our daily report. Today we were at sea and nothing special happened. So we thought we could ask our shipmates some cool questions. Leon, Lilli, Daisy, Luise, Lorenz, Lukas, Maria, Yarina, Ffyon and Michi answered this questions for us. We hope it´s interesting for you :).

What was your favorite meal?
Lorenz (Student, makes faxen all the time): Burger with fries
Luise (Student, always wear Pippi Langstrumpf braids): Schnitzel with beans and potatoes and the tomato soup
Lukas (Student, loves to make a bet): Schnitzel with beans and potatoes
Daisy (Student, laughs all the times): Schnitzel with potatoes
Lilli (Student, always kind): Tomatosoup with focaccia
Leon (Student, very very very bad in waking up people): Schnitzel with potatoes and beans and Goulasch
Michi (Teacher, loves making Sience experiments): Burger with fries
Ffyon (Medic, „The fearless Ffy“): Vegetarian Curry
Maria (Student, always saying „jaman“): Potatosoup
Yarina (Student, always awake at the nightwatches): Tomatosoup with focaccia

What was your worst meal?
Lorenz, Luise, Lukas, Maria, Yarina, Leon, Lilli, Michi: Gnocchis with spinach
Daisy: Everything with beans
Ffyon: Egg with potatos

What was your favorite moment so far?
Lorenz: First time seeing whales, climbing to the Royalyard, visiting Amsterdam and seeing dolphins
Luise: First time seeing dolphins
Lukas: Climbing aloft, first time eating Nutella on board :))
Daisy: Everything, I can’t say one favorite moment, but seeing dolphins was great
Lilli: Seeing dolphins from the yards and the nightwatch with big waves and shootingstars
Leon: Seeing dolphins and whales and visiting Amsterdam
Michi: When the storm was over
Ffyon: Coming into Dartmouth
Maria: Seeing dolphins under the bowsprit and coming into the coast of Dartmouth
Yarina: Seeing dolphins, climbing aloft and the nightwatch with the clear nightsky and the shootingstars

What was your worst moment?
Lorenz: Being seasick (was an adventure and we puked together)
Luise: Seasickness and saying goodbye to her family
Lukas: Being seasick and being in the galley when there are big waves outside
Daisy: Cleaning the Dogkennels (Bathrooms that everyone can use)
Lilli: Seeing everybody is seasick and the puke is on the floor
Leon: When his curtain dropped and the Shoe organizer and his light felt at him
Ffyon: Night of Seasickness
Maria: Waves that don´t stop
Yarina: Seeing everybody is seasick and clean all the puke

From 0-10 how comfortable are the bunks (at the ship the bunks are „the beds“)?
Lorenz: 8/10, very comfortable
Luise: 7/10, bit too small but okay
Lukas: 6/10, hard to stay in the bunks when the waves are big
Daisy: 8/10, comfortable
Lilli: 10/10, always good
Leon: 7/10, bit too small
Michi: 6/10, too short and everytime someone came into the cabin his feet get dropped
Ffyon: 6/10, when the ship is rolling the bunk is uncomfortable
Maria: 9/10, it´s cosy
Yarina: 9/10, comfortable, but sometimes not nice if the waves are big and from the side

What was your most unexpected moment?
Lorenz: Seeing whales
Luise: First time seeing dolphins
Lukas: Kenüdi (this is the nickname from our lovely Shipmate Knut)
Daisy: The coastlines from the different countrys
Leon: Seeing whales in the Biskaya
Michi: That the experiments from the Sience Pathway are working
Ffyon: Seeing dolphins in the English channel
Maria: Seeing dolphins, seeing that England is so beautiful
Yarina: Seeing so many shootingstars at night and the milkyway.

What were the most layer you wore at Nightwatch and which?
Lorenz: 6, T-Shirt, Merino Underwear, Hoodie, Fleecejacket, Softshelljacket, Oilskin (Ölzeug)
Luise: 3, T-Shirt, Hoodie, Oilskin (we don´t know how she survived that)
Lukas: 3, Hoodie, Softshelljacket, Oilskin
Daisy: 7, T-Shirt, Merino Underwear, Fleecejacket, Longsleeve, Hoodie, Softshelljacket, Oilskin
Lilli: 5, T-Shirt, Ski Underwear, Fleecejacket, another Fleecejacket, Oilskin
Leon: 4, T-Shirt, Longsleeve, Hoodie, Oilskin
Michi: 4, T- Shirt, Longsleeve, Hoodie, Oilskin
Ffyon: 4, Longsleeve, Merino Underwear, Hoodie, Oilskin
Maria: 6, T-Shirt, Longsleeve, 2x Hoodies, Softshelljacket, Oilskin
Yarina: 7, Merino Underwear, T-Shirt, 2x Hoodie, Fleecejacket, Softshelljacket, Oilskin

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