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Introduction to our Engineer

Datum: 02.12.2020
Autorin: Hannes
Position: Atlantik
Nautische Position: 18°20,1N 046°24,2 W
Etmal: 134 NM (5016 NM insgesamt)

For this daily report I interviewed John, our lovely Engineer.

Since when are you working as an Engineer? I started my training when I was 19 years old, so it´s nearly 11 years now.

Since when do you work on the Pelican?
I started here in September, so three months now.

Engineer John
Unser Engineer John in seinem Reich

Do you enjoy working here?
Yes, I am my own boss here and whenever I feel a little bit down, I see a young happily smiling face and my mood rises directly.

Where did you work before?
I worked on a small ferry in front of Ireland and I worked offshore on bigger ships in the North Sea.

John geht mit Hammer auf die Maschine los
John geht mit dem Hammer auf die Maschine los…

Is this your first time on a Tall Ship?
Yes, I never worked on a sailing ship before.

Do you prefer working on here or a bigger engine running ship?
So far this is better. It´s a bit more chilled and you have more diversity on here.

John ratlos vor der Anzeige
Wahrscheinlich ist es wie an Land auch: Das Problem befindet sich meistens vor dem Bildschirm:)

What do you do the whole day here?
I keep the generator running, try to repair the air conditioning, tell people to unblock toilets, drink tea and smoke.

Do you think that you have a busy job?
It depends, sometimes you work day and night for three days and sometimes I don´t have to do anything a whole day.

Alex bei der Elektronik
Unser Engineer-Cadet Alex in den Tiefen der Elektronik an Bord… aber auch hier liegt der Hammer bereit.

Do you think you will continue working here?
Yes, until it get´s boring.

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