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It all starts with a daily report…

Date: 16.02.2020
Author: Mats
Position: 100nm southwest of Bermuda
Geographical Position: 31°13,4’N , 066°33,1’W
Etmal: 122 NM (total distance:10500NM)
Everybody knows that you only have a small amount of daily reports to write during Ocean College. Everybody knows that it is kind of a privilege that around 1000 people read it (Information from the backoffice: In reality 1500 people read this blog in average every day).

Mats in the Rigg

In conclusion you could think that we are all really looking forward to writing them and taking ourselves lots of time for creating ideas for the topic, then obviously writing the report and in the end handing it in on the ‘’report-day’’ which is shown to everybody in the mess room on a sheet of paper. This ‘’dream – daily report-routine’’ isn’t the truth because 90 percent of the students here forget to write the report early enough and in the end we have to end up panic-writing because it should be handed in until 5pm on the day after your ‘’report-day’’ and sometimes you only have some minutes free time to write it because of school, watch or galley duties.

Students learning on board

So normally one of us students sits in the mess room or outside every day to write the report from the last day. Often Priska (our teacher who is responsible for the daily reports) saves our life in reminding each student and then you have some hours left or when you are lucky even half a day to write something.

So like I said: When you think of a daily report, you think of a stressed evening, in which Priska tells you to hand it in as fast as possible because you forgot to do it early enough…

Learninggroup on the Pelican

Of course I’m a good student, that’s why I’m writing it on the 16th in my free learning time and handing it in tonight :). That’s not every time the case but I try to end my reports without Priska’s reminder.

At the moment I’m sitting on the starboard picnic-table, looking at the sunset, listening to some music and obviously writing this report. We also have enough wind to sail, which is very nice. On one hand because of the sailing aspect and on the other hand everything is more relaxed because the engine is loud and it’s really a big difference whether we are sailing or motoring. Sadly, tonight we will start the engine in order to be fast enough for our arrival tomorrow in Bermuda at approximately 10am. Hopefully we’ll get to our berth without problems and have our corona-tests afterwards to get ashore on the 18th.

Mats with watch
Mats with his watch

But anyway, that we don’t get bored we’ve planned a discussion round tomorrow, which will be interesting, I think.
The next days then, we hope to see as much as possible of Bermuda, have some sunny beach days and have a great time overall. That’s the plan but like everyone knows, it’s quite hard to plan stuff like this in these corona-times. We just have to be flexible, like Nicolas said in today’s mid day meeting, and hope for the best.

In addition I think we deserved the shore leave after the whole passage from Golfito through the Panama-canal and till here. It was a long crossing, which was nice because of the sun and in general to sail in the Caribbean, but we couldn’t visit the countries we passed. Imagine yourself when you’re sitting in a harbour of the Bahamas, seeing the palm trees but you can’t go ashore.  


Concerning the land-program here in Bermuda, we don’t know much, but maybe we’ll have the opportunity to sail on the spirit of Bermuda! Like every time our parents know more than ourselves, although we are the voyage-crew and not them. But never mind, I’m not mad that they know so much because they are obviously our parents and should know what we’re going to do, but I can’t really inform them about our stuff here, when they already know more than us… 🙂
Of course we’re looking forward to see Elias again and hope his time without Ocean college and the Pelican wasn’t too bad. In my opinion you can’t complain about a nice big bed and a shower every day but I don’t want to glorify his time without us.
Greetings from Clara to Luna. Happy Birthday, sweet 19! I hope you had an amazing day, I am thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you in April again!

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