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It’s always fun at the YMCA

Date: 03.09.22
Author: Liv
Position: Barrow

Really early morning

We had to wake up at 7:00 o’clock to eat breakfast because we had to get on our bus at 8:00 o’clock. We were told to pack our things the night before so we wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. Everyone was really tired so everything was a bit chaotic. After breakfast we hurried to the bus and had to drive around 60 minutes to the YMCA.

It’s always fun at the YMCA

When we arrived at the YMCA we got split into two groups (Scott’s and Shawn’s group). My group (Scott’s group) had to go rock climbing so we had to walk five minutes through the scenic area surrounding the building to get to the site. They explained to us how to wear our harness properly and how to clip on to the carabiner.

They explained how to do abseiling (you’re attached to a rope and you have to put your feet against the rock so that your body is in an L-form. Then you „walk“ down the wall) and a few of us walked up to the top of the „rock“. I found that a bit scary but still quite fun. We also climbed to the top of the wall and tried to climb with just one hand and I actually made it! Euan also climbed up only using one hand and one leg!
Then we ate lunch which was alright (chips, sausage, sausage roll, vegetables, cinnamon rolls and cookies).


After lunch we went to do some archery. We had to put on armshields so that the string on the bow wouldn’t fling into your arm while firing the arrow. After that we tried it out and it actually went quite good so we tried to hit specific spots on the target. Scott called it „making a pizza“ because we had to hit the white circle first (which is the dough) then the red one (tomato sauce) and then the yellow one (cheese) but if we hit the black circle our pizza would get burned.

I just got burned tomato sauce.

Then we tried to hit the target for points. Inbetween the two targets hung a shoe which was worth 50 points if we hit it. Most of the group didn’t do that well but when it was Euan‘s turn he hit the shoe with his fourth arrow!


After archery we went to the lake and got ourselves some life jackets and paddles. Then we made our way to the canoe. It was massive so that everyone could fit in it. It was quite hard to steer and paddle at the same time so someone (Ben most of the time) had to shout „in“ everytime we were supposed to paddle and it was extra hard because some people just splashed water on you.

We didn’t come very far because the boat was turning the whole time and everyone was tired. On our way back Leonard decided it would be a great idea to take of his clothes and jump into the lake whilst we were rowing. Because of that no one else was allowed to jump into the water from the boat so everyone was a bit disappointed.

Lucy’s 18th birthday

When we arrived back at the boat we ate dinner and then Kester (our great cook) came into the room with an 18th birthday chocolate cake! It was a great cake and everyone sang „Happy Birthday“.
After that we departed from the harbor into a waiting station to depart tomorrow because the tides here go down to nine meters.

Kids at the ymca

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