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Jellyfish – very interesting animals of the ocean

Author: Linus
Date: 09th March 2020
Geographical Position: Atlantic crossing day 4
Nautical Postition: 34°18.8N / 55°37.8W
Etmal:168 nm

jellyfish in the Ocean

Just a few days ago, we had to hand in our Biology portfolios. We had to wrtite about some sea animals and one of them was the jellyfish. Before this, I really hadn’t known that there are so many interesting facts about jellyfish. So I want to tell you some of these facts. Have fun 🙂


Some are longer than a bluewhale, others are not larger than a grain of sand.

One of them releases one of the deadliest venoms on earth.
They have been living on our planet for at least 500 million years or maybe even for 700 million years. They can also exist, if the sea around them is changing (for example the water temperature).


The “bell” of the jellyfish is made of a material, which is called mesoglea. The mesoglea is more than 95% water, sandwiched between two layers of skin. A jellyfish has no brain, but a neural net around the bell, which forms a nervous system. There is one hole in the lower part of their bell. This is where they put in their food, but it’s also where the waste comes out.


There is one kind of jellyfish which has 24 eyes. Some scientists think that this kind of jellyfish can see colours and shapes. It is also maybe one of the only creatures which has a 360° view of their environment.
Another kind of jellyfish has the ability to glow green. This glowing stuff helps people to spot cancer cells.

Infinite life

The only animal which defeated death is: a jellyfish!
It’s called Turritopsis Nutricula and it never dies because of age.
If the jellyfish is old or sick, it turns into a polyp. On top of that polyp then grows a new little jellyfish, which is an exact clone of the old one.

P.S. Liebe Grüße an meine kleine Schwester und meine Eltern (Linus)
P.S. von Miriam: Liebste Omi, alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Jetzt verpasse ich schon den Zweiten in Folge… Aber wir feiern nach, wenn ich wieder da bin! Dann haben wir auch mehr Zeit, wenn nicht den ganzen Tag das Telefon klingelt… 😉

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