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Just a normal day

Date: 14.02.2023
Author: Theo
Position: Atlantic, still far away from home
Nautical Position: 27° 49´5 N 079° 32´9W
Etmal: 9344 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

A day like any other on board of Pelican. Having school, keeping watch, sleeping, eating or spending time with other activities. Except for the history exam we wrote about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the surprisingly good weather, nothing worth writing about happened today.

Back to The Beginnings

Back to the beginnings: Start of the journey in Amsterdam

Therefore, I decided to write about us and our voyage. In the past four months we became a team and learnt to rely on each other. From the beginning until now, almost in Bermuda, one of the last stops of our voyage, we were a crew and helped one another within our best abilities. May it be during our time in the Bay of Biscay where most of us suffered from seasickness or during the long stay on the Atlantic Ocean where we shared study notes, sweets, books and movies.

We went through stormy days, where we got hit in the face by waves the moment we entered the well deck and stormy nights where some of us feared falling out of their bunks. We experienced homesickness and hugged our shipmates when they felt miserable.

first stop: Darthmouth

We made up fairy tales about Gonzo’s pink pill and joked about damaging the engine to visit some more countries. We learned to support others and to help them when they need us. Insider stories no one else would understand came up and no matter what, we had a shit load of fun.

Taking the first swim in the Ocean in Vigo…

During Our Time Ashore

Back in Dartmouth, a city most of us would be able to work in as tourist guides, we had time to get to know the people we would share a home with for the next six months. In Vigo, we were much closer already, knowing that someone would bring you a cup of hot water and some paper towels if you were puking over the capping rail. In Lisbon we visited one of the most beautiful cities on our trip and spent time ashore – eating, chatting and sightseeing.

exploring Lisbon

In Tenerife we met the Regina Maris and realized, maybe for the first time, that we´ve became a crew for real. In Gran Canaria, the last stop before the first Atlantic crossing, we assisted with carrying bags full of supplies and sweets and supported those who were nervous about it. And in Costa Rica we travelled through an unknown country together and spend some amazing time on the expeditions.

Meeting of Pelican and Regina Maris in Tenerife

Our Time Is Almost Over

We have been to Costa Rica and Cuba and now there are only three stops left on our way back to Amsterdam. We all feel different about the fact that our journey slowly comes to an end. Some of us are looking forward to meeting up with family and friends.

pillow fight in the middle of the Atlantic

Others are quite sad and would like to stay longer. I am not quite sure how I will feel when I return home. It will be a big difference to what we are experiencing every day. I mean, how are we going to know it’s dinner time if there is no announcement? How shall we sleep alone in a big room without five other people?

sunset surfing in Costa Rica

That is something we will learn. Exactly how we got used to everything that goes on a ship.

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