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Knut in Action

Date: 26.02.2022
Author: Lorenz
Position: North Atlantik
Geographical Position: 33* 31.’0 N 061*43.’5 W
Etmal: 102 (11.168)


First of all, what is the Handover?
The Handover will take place after the Azores, like every year at Ocean College.
In the Handover every Student can choose one position of the staff members, that they would like to take over.

You can choose between the following positions: Captain, 1st Officer, 2nd Officer, Bosun, Bosuns Mate, Cook, Engineer and Medic.

Not everyone gets the position they would like to have, because the Handover takes only four weeks like every year. There will be four watches (course watch, topsail watch, t’gallant watch and royale watch), that means that every watch will handover the positions of the Crew for one week. That means that there will be for example four different Captains.

Our 1st mate Simon will choose the positions very fairly. To make it fair, every student has to apply for the position. The best application gets the position. Thats mainly all about the big handover for what we are all looking foreward to.

Whales and Dolphins

Today we were very lucky, because at first we saw a small whale and it was very very close to the ship. It stayed with us for a while and I enjoyed every single second with the whale.

I have never ever seen a whale so close like this, it was really just one meter away from the beautiful Pelican of London.

In the afternoon, directly after the whale swam away, there were around 20 dolphins joining the Pelican. They were following us around until the sunset. They were jumping and playing around all the time. All in all we saw so many beautiful animals in the open sea today.

Rescue aloft

Unfortunately I was sleeping in my bed during the rescue aloft drill. So Knut will tell you:

Hello I am Knut. I was the casualty for training the crew. The captain came to us during watch and asked if one of us was brave enough to do something he wouldn’t tell us, obviously we were, and then he told me to climb up to the Topsail platform and scream for help. I did like I was told. When I was up, I screamed for help. I should pretended to be to scared to climb down again, so the Bosun had to save me. I almost shit me when I realised that they would lower me down on a gantline. I am scared of heights and it was just 20 meters straight down. Good thing I decided to not put crocs on that morning. The bosuns tried to calm me down, but I had difficulties not to laugh. They put some lines in the right places. After some waiting they were done. They pulled me up a bit, which really squashed my balls, but then I somehow was just allowed to go down by myself. I was glad, but a bit disappointed. At least I can sign of “Has taken part in a rescue aloft drill “ in the OC training book.

That’s all about Knuuuuuts adventure.

Ich grüße meine Eltern, mein Bruderherz Tommi ❤️ , meine Großeltern (Oma, Opa, Oma Hatschi), meinen Freund Harpreet und Consti

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