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Last day in Cherbourg

Datum: 03.11.2022
Authors: Merit and Adam
Position: Cherbourg, France
Nautische Position: N49.38.30 W 01.037.27
Distance: 301 M

Amélies Birthday:

Today it was the birthday of Amélie, we sang for her a happy birthday and gave her best wishes.

Pathway Workshop:

In the morning we had a workshop where we got prepared for our pathway presentation. Larissa showed us how to use PowerPoint. We learned from Jacob how to present and give good feedback.

France TV:

During the pathway workshop the French television surprised us and filmed us during our lessons. They also interviewed Amélie, Benjamin D. and Marietta about Ocean College and how they like it so far.
They took pictures and filmed how we live on the Regina Maris.

In Between:

Lex gave us tips about seasickness and that we should go outside when we feel bad. He also told us that it doesn’t last longer than three days and we hope he is right, because none of us wants to be sick longer than that.
After lunch we had one hour shore leave. We could go in the city or buy some more stuff that we could need in the future.

Museum Visit:

We walked to a Museum in Cherbourg, it is called la cité de la mer. We went inside a submarine and it showed us how life under water looks like. There was also a Titanic part which was very interesting and informative.
Last but not least there was a Aquarium in the museum but that wasn’t that spectacular as we thought. All in all it was a long but exciting day, that’s why we are all tired and will sleep deep tonight.

P.S.: Vanessa wünscht Oma alles Gute zum Geburtstag und liebe Grüße an den Rest der Familie!

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