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Last days in paradise

Date: 10.01.2018
Author: Felix
Position: Talamanca, Planet One World

Today was our last day from our great program on Ken’s farm. But before I tell you about the spectacular bus drive to San José, I would like to draw your attention to the events of yesterday. It was packed with many different activities.

For some of us, the day started early with a martial arts or a yoga class before breakfast. We then proceeded with a hike to the jaguar rescue center – well, okay we basically walked down the street from Ken‘s farm to the Main Street at the coast. At the rescue center, we got a insightful tour by our guide Dan, who could tell countless funny and interesting stories about every animal we saw there.

These were all wild animals, like caimans, monkeys, sloths, snakes or birds, who can’t survive in nature because they’re injured or not strong enough to get returned again into the wild. You are wondering why they are there? There is a quick answer to this question: humans.

In the cages of the rescue center, you can find animals like baby sloths whose mothers grabbed electricity lines. There are wild cats that were nearly killed by farmers who want to protect their chickens or ducks. Or monkeys who got hit by a car. And there are those ones who got in too much contact with humans or were kept as a pet.

So if you relieve them in the wild, they will get back to the humans or are likely to get killed by other animals.

Thank you, Dan for your wonderful tour!

For lunch, we had a picnic at a really beautiful beach, where we also had the chance to jump into the turquoise and very warm water – which I happily did. In the afternoon, Fabian from RARG (Rainforest Animals Rescue Group) gave us an introduction to the world of snakes in the Costa Rican rainforest.

He explained which sneaks live here, where they live, how and why they bite, the difference between venomous and poisonous snakes and some other things about the rainforest itself. We ended the day with a night tour through the rainforest to see what we’re talking about in the last hours and afterwards we had an inauguration party for the Rancho, that we built in our first days of our stay, with self-made star fruit juice and a traditional Indian dance.

Our day of departure was filled with packing, farewell photos and writing our names in concrete for the entrance of the Rancho. The day continued with a lot of bus driving, more bus driving and more bus driving then we thought.

So we arrived later than expected in Coronado where we will stay at the language school Academica Tica for the next two weeks. The other group arrived some hours earlier and could already welcome us in our host families where we will all hopefully enjoy a nice dinner soon.

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