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Learning new skills

Authors: Maliqa and Brian
Date: 26.10.2022
Position : Amsterdam
Geographical position: 52,3N 4,8W
Etmal: 0

Today was our first full day on board the Regina Maris. Most of us were tired in the morning as we had our first brief night-watches the past night. Although Kester and the kitchen-team prepared us a wonderful breakfast in the morning to brilliantly start off our day.

While we were finishing our breakfast Johan held one last speech before leaving us until Costa Rica. He discussed some brief rules (comment from the Backoffice: That was no discussion, but orders) and read out a beautiful comment / report card from the teachers to one of the past students of the Ocean College 2021/22 voyage. We were all very impressed and decided that we would want to follow the great Max(im)’s path.

After the breakfast we were lead out onto the main deck, where Captain Martin showed us life essential skills. This included tying knots, organising the ropes, learning about the sails and how they are all named and how they all work. For the rest of the day we sat around while practicing knots and helping the crew.

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