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Leaving France

Datum: 09.11.2022
Autoren: Jörn and Theodor
Position: Biscaya
Nautische Position: N 48* 11.4 W 05* 08.7
Etmal: 518

Ready for sea

Our day started with fresh bread made by our cook Kester. And we aren‘t lying, when we say that he is a very good baker. After breakfast we had to fast everything in our cabins and on deck, so things doesn’t fly around and are dangerous for anybody on board. As we are finished we will get free shore leave.

Rough hours at sea

We had free shore leave until 3 pm behause at 4 o‘clock we want to go to sea and sail to Vigo. The first few hours at sea are a bit rough, because there are still the waves left from the storm that forced us to our short stop at Lavandre. But in like two hours when we are leaving the English Channel we will set sails and also the sea will become calmer. We will need 2-3 days to Vigo.

Schüler an Deck

Watch Shifting

At the end we want to introduce you to our new watch shifting plan. Because there are some watches that are a little bit uncomfortable then others we will shift our watches every sunday. So everyone will be the „lucky one“.

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an unsere Familien und Freunde von Jörn und Theodor

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