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Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW…

Datum: 05.04.2021
Autor: Julius M.
Position: Folkestone
Nautische Position: 51°03´3 N, 1°07,75 E
Miles in total: 14.116 NM
To start my last daily report, I didn’t have any idea what to write. So I got some help from Karun. He had the idea to write about snow because today in the morning we had our first snow on the Pelican.


Snow is a thing that always reminds me of winter time. Normally in winter I enjoy the winter holiday around Christmas, a time with my family. But this year I spent the time with the OC-Family. It’s a crazy experience to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean and having the first snow in April. Especially in the last days we had really good skiing weather and most of us were a bit confused by the point that we had no mountains around us, but water. Also our messroom feels a littlebit like a skiing cottage.

Hanging out together

Every time you come in, you will see some of us sitting in their sleeping bag with a cup of tea and cuddling their hot water bottles. Apart from that, we are all freezing our asses off because here in Folkestone we have temperatures around 2°C (which means, it gets also very cold inside)!

Chilling in the messroom

BUT because this voyage is coming to an end soon, we are all hugging and cuddling each other very much and all the time LIKE A FAMILY.

Playing the saxophone

Funfact: We ate more soup in the Caribbean than we eat now.
We were also climbing today and all of us were out on the yards. On our way back down, some could not open their clips any more because our hands were just dying in the cold wind (Tamsin just laughed at us, at this point).

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