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Let‘s go puking…

Date: 07.10.2020
Author: Mats
Position: Ijmuiden, Hafen
Geographical Position: 52°27.7’N , 004°35.0’E
Etmal: 128 NM (total distance: 205′ NM)

My day started with a nightwatch from zero to four o‘clock and yes I threw up for the first time on the Pelican. There were some people who puked before me, but I think the seasickness hit me relatively hard. Everything I ate, I puked out.

Sadly, I had three watches at the day, so I had to spend 12 hours on deck.
Most of the time I was laying around on the deck and I wanted to die and quit the voyage.

How did the others do? Quite different, Fabian and Hannes for example puked more than me but were often much fitter than me.
At the moment everyone feels well and we are very happy to stay two nights in the harbour of Ijmuiden (Netherlands).
Fortunately, Abby the cook had less food to cook / we ate the cold pasta the following day in the harbour (my best cold pasta ever!).

A Helicopter appeared

In one of my watches a helicopter appeared because of my seasickness. I was really confused because I thought it was really there and I told the others. The other people from my watch informed me that the helicopter planned a manouver to send people on our ship. In the end, I found out that they didn‘t do what they planned because we would have had to go under deck and as bad as it was on the poop deck, we couldn‘t imagine how it would‘ve been underneath. Some hours later I figuerd out that the story behind was probably just an imagination.


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