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Let’s talk about homesickness.

Date: 24. November 2019
Author: Noé
Position: In the middle of nowhere (Atlantic Ocean)
Geographical Position: 16°47.0´N/ 027°16.1´W
Etmal: 107

It is a really common thing that comes without any warning. It’s like getting sick. Just mentally.

And when it’s there, you start feeling alone. And the worst is when you are the only one to feel homesick. That’s the point when you start thinking, how it would be home right now. And you start wishing going home…

Noe klettert in den Mast
Can one overcome homesickness like fear of heights?

There are two different types of homesickness

The first type is when you miss things like a bath or a long shower, your favorite food/dish (or having the choice to go to a grocery store and buy whatever you want), your bed, more space, privacy…

Those little things you don’t have on board. That’s also the point, when you start respecting those things.

The second type, the worst type of homesickness, is, when you start missing your family and friends.

Those conversations between mother and daughter, the fights between brother and sister or baking classes with your Babuschka, (grandmother in Russian) having a film night with your dad, going out with your friends.

Your typical life in general. Then you start feeling lonely, even though you’re not alone.

The best way to avoid that is to be with your friends. Having long conversations, watching a movie together etc. And if you have the chance, calling your parents or friends.

Umarmung hilft gegen homesickness
You are not alone!

It get’s better…

But anyways, it always gets better, if you do something against it. I’ve done nothing the first times.

I went to bed and was all by myself, because I didn’t want anyone to see me being homesick.

But you learn out of mistakes. And I definitly learned out of mine.

Emily, Frida and Laura were and are still by my side when homesickness hits me. And it always comes at one point.

It’s those little things that help, when they come to you, because you are to shy to go to them, and give you a deep hug, or when you are sleeping and they come to wake you up for dinner, because they remembered you, they thought of you.

Or when they give you sweets (that helps a lot!) and take you to the mess, so you can watch another episode of Gossip Girl.

Yeah, I found some really good friends and I love them for being at my side and helping me.

Zusammen musizieren hilft gegen homesickness
that helps: spend time with friends

The difference between missing your family and being homesick

Also I need to add, that there’s a difference about missing your family and being homesick.

You always miss your family, that’s a feeling which will never go away.

While when you are homesick, you start ignoring the good things and start thinking of everything that’s better at home. And then you want to go home.

Different frequency of getting homesick

Another thing to add is that some people never get homesick, some get homesick one time only and then there are people like me, which get homesick several times.

But that’s totally okay.

Because it goes away and there are so many unbelievable things I experience on this trip, and still many to go and I’m really happy to be here.

And that’s something you should keep in mind. 6 months are terribly long, but they will be over faster than you think.

And then you find yourself laying in the arms of your family, and start missing your other family, your new, second family, which you love and which loves you.

Tips for getting rid of homesickness

At the end of my daily report, I want to add a list with tips of things I thought and did, which helped me getting rid of the annoying and, sorry for my language, shitty homesickness.
Let’s start:

  • Putting pictures on the wall next to your bed! Do it, it reaaalllly helps.
  • Drawing some pictures
  • Reading!!!! Buy yourself a Kindl, that was the best thing I’ve done before I came to Ocean College.
  • Being with your friends, watching a movie, eating some sweets
  • Having a positive way of thinking
  • Having things that remind you of your family. I got a perfume from my grandmother, a scarf from my mom etc… That helps a lot.

That was my daily report, I hope you enjoyed it and many kisses and greets go out to my parents, my brother Jacob, my Grandma Bella and my dear friends.
Love y’all,

Ps: Mom can you please put some more pictures in a letter and send them to me? That would be awesome. Love you.

Schülerin Noe - Peacezeichen gegen Homesickness

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