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Life at sea when it gets rough

Datum: 16.02.2022
Autorin: Alina
Position: somewhere in the bermuda triangle
Geographical Position: 28* 16.1‘ N 073* 14.6‘ W
Etmal: 126 (10.387)

When I was woken up for watch this morning I could already feel that this watch was going to be fun. I stepped outside my cabin and into the bosunstore when the first thing came flying at me. Because the Pelican was rolling so much, some ropes and jackets smashed in my face. When I recovered from the first attack of the day at 23:40 I put on my harness and stepped onto the welldeck. This wasn‘t so easy, because the angle from the ships heeling pushed the door open so I almost couldn‘t close it anymore. To find the rest of my watch, I had to go into the messroom and therefore open another weathertight door. This door was closed, so the waves couldn‘t splash right into the messroom. In the messroom, my watch was already waiting for me and I took them up to the poopdeck, through the hatch inside the wheelhouse, so we didn‘t need to go through any weathertight doors anymore. I stepped outside the moon was shining and I could feel a fresh breeze on my skin. During my watch, I nearly flew over board a few times when a particularly high wave hit the Pelican, but thankfully I was clipped onto the safetyline with my harness, so nothing happened. In those first 30 minutes of the day, I have been influenced by the ships rolling a lot of times, so I‘m now going to write about what to do and what not to do when it gets bouncy at sea.

Wheelhouse bei Nacht
Rotlichtbeleuchtung des Wheelhouses bei Nacht

What to do

  • shower when you are leaning to the right side so the water can flow out of the shower
  • share food with your friends, sharing is caring
Schülerin an Deck
  • go through the hatch in the wheelhouse
  • sleep whenever possible, this kind of weather is exhausting
  • hold fast when you‘re on the toilet, otherwise you will end up like our first mate
  • take your food outside, you get salt for free
  • lick the salt from the lines, it‘s healthy
  • lie around on the poopdeck and look out or up?
Füße im Himmel
  • slide around on deck on 0-4 watch with 35 degrees heeling
  • swing on safetylines when no one sees you
  • work on the bowsprit, this gives you the experience of anti-gravity
  • get dressed in the bosunstore while lying on the floor
  • jump with the waves so you can fly longer

What not to do

  • leave your stuff lying around, it will fly away and probably hit someone or you could slip on it
  • go on deck without your oilskin, there will definitely be a wave waiting for you to give you a free shower
  • fill your cup to the top, your drink will not survive
  • try to get things out of the first aid cupboard, you will need a bandaid afterwards
  • sleep without your leecloth, it‘s an unsafe act
  • open a door alone, they are way too heavy
  • helming, it simply doesn‘t work and everyone thinks it‘s your fault when it gets bouncier
  • open the portholes in the galley, the food will be slightly saltier afterwards
  • go on the foredeck, only if you want to get a shower
  • put your m&m‘s inside the cup holder in the saloon, they might disappear in there and you will have to wait until we tack again so they reappear
  • be a sloth on the spankersheet, it‘s funny but don‘t let the officers catch you

Mami, Papi und Nico, ich vermiss‘ eu und freu mich scho druf, wenni eu wieder gsehn. Ässemer in Emden denn Pizza? Und danke allne wo mir Brief gschribe hend, das hät min Tag direkt no besser gmacht:) -Alina

Liebe Dana, ich hoffe es geht Dir gut und Du langweilst dich nicht zu sehr ohne uns Chaotenhaufen. Wir haben eine ziemliche Schräglage und deswegen ist das rumlaufen und Helmen auf dem Schiff wieder eine ziemliche Herausforderung. Ich vermisse Dich ziemlich und hoffe du wirst schnell wieder gesund und geniesst auch ein wenig die Zeit zu Hause. Clara 🙂

Ach und natürlich Grüße an Mama, Papa und ganz besonders an Anton und Oskar und an Samo und Sophie. Ich vermisse euch alle.

Für meinen Bruder Botzi: Ich hoffe es geht dir wieder besser, Kleiner, ich vermisse dich sehr,
Bussis Lotte

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