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Life in a six persons cabin

Date: 24 February 2020
Author: Silja
Geographical Position: 28°35.0N/ 77°51.7W
Position: On our way to Bermuda

After some days of very rough weather, most of us really enjoyed the sun and the calm sea today. Because especially in cabin 7 the waves really showed their work. Let’s just say, cabin 7 is not the tidiest cabin in the lower galleyway anyway… and that really didn’t get better during the days of seasickness and stormy sea.

5 Mädchen, nicht aus derselben cabin

Just to explain the basic lifestyle in a cabin with six people:

  1. There is always someone who tries to sleep and gets woken up by light or by noise…
  2. The room is always a mess, because at least two persons are just messies themselves.
  3. Everyone tries to get some structure in this mess, but fails in the end.
  4. Most of the people of those you see in a cabin like this, don’t live there.
  5. There is always that one bed that is mistaken as a couch (bunk 18, for example)
  6. If you are in the tropics, you’ve got a sauna right where you sleep.

As you probably can imagine, our cabin really looked interesting after these days and it took a whole lot of time to clean it up. And I don’t think we’ll be done by the end of the week. Or the new chaos will already have started to make it’s way to our cabin.

Anyway, the life in cabin 7 is never boring. There are little surprises everyday, for example it’s suddenly clean in your cabin for 10 minutes or the thrilling feeling when you find out that the laundry really is washed.

Or if you can’t get into your bathroom because it locked itself from the inside because of the heeling.

But still, the conversations in cabin 7 are legendary and we even made the 2nd place in the cabin ranking which the captain started. So I think we all somehow love our cabin, not all the time, but mostly.

Der Eingang zu Cabin 7

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