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Living in Cabin 9

Datum: 02.02.2021
Author: Julius P.
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautische Position: 15°23,15 N 75°56,18 W
Etmal: 166 NM (8663NM insgesamt)
For this Daily Report, I asked two of my cabin mates five questions about the living and the space in our cabin. 

Bunkplan of the Pelican

How much space is  there for everyone and do you think it is enough?
Karun said that the place is enough if you had packed only the things in your bag that stood on the packing list.
Lorn said yes, if you follow the packing list it is more than enough space. He said that he even has some  place for chaos.
I think that the space is more than enough. But if you had packed too much stuff in your bags then there is not enough space.

Packed green mile

Which bunk is the best in the cabin?
Karun thinks that every bed has advantages and disandvantages. But he has the opinion that the bunk of Elias (the bunk down on the left hand side) is the best best.
Lorn thinks too, that the bunk of Elias is the best.
I also believe that the bunk of Elias is the best.

packed green mile

How is it with the temperature in our cabin?
„Without me it is not so hot in our cabin.“
This said Karun to me when I asked him about the temperatur in our cabin. Later than he said that the temperature is ok. Earlier on the voyage it was very hot.
Lorn said that it is very hot in our cabin and you couldn´t sleep without sweat untill Vigo. But he hopes that it is getting cooler when we are going to Bermuda. 
I think that the temperature is now ok, but I hope that it is getting cooler during the following journey.

Equipment on the main deck

What are you excited about your room at home?
Karun said that his room will be new with a new bed and some plants (like the Waldorf school)
Lorn is excited for his  biiiiiigggggggg bed and his food cupboard.
I am very excited for my new room at home (thank you Mom). And I am looking forward to a window in my room.
What is the most annoying thing in our cabin?
Karun: „My mattress is the biggest shit. Every night I feel the box spring  in my back.“
Lorn is annoyed when somebody drops his things on the floor. Because the room is so small and when there is some more stuff, our cabin is getting smaller and smaller.
I think our cabin is great.
Grüße an meine Familie und Freunde zu Hause. Ich hoffe, es geht euch gut.

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