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Looking back on my time on the Pelican

Date: 04.11.2020
Author: Doctor Rose
Position: Funchal, Madeira
Nautische Position: 33° 47,5N , 014° 09.5W
Etmal: 195 NM (2641 NM insgesamt)

As I come to the end of my time here on the Pelican it seems a good time to reflect on the time I have had together with the voyage crew. There have been times of nice calm sailing, others with rougher seas and rain and overall lots of fun has been had. Just as a word of reassurance I am pleased to stay we have not lost anyone to the sea!

Rose in action

Joining the Pelican in London gave me time to get to know how the ship runs and then meet the teachers and watch leaders before we set off. I was nervous to go to sea, as it is my first time on a tall ship, but everyone was very helpful and supportive and before I knew it we were underway to Emden. Although the watches were tiring they were enjoyable, I learnt a lot and they gave me an insight into what the voyage crew would be going through and the challenges they would face. It also made me realise the importance of getting sleep when you can when you have two lots of four hour watches per day – self care is key!

Rose beim Sortieren der Medikamente

Soon we were in Emden and it was time for the voyage crew to join – an exciting and long day and by 1800 we had the complete crew on board the ship! A lot of teaching went on for the next few days with the crew and myself trying to learn a huge amount of information. The enthusiasm and speed at which they learnt really impressed me (and put me to shame at times). We also all got to climb the rigging to the first platform which I found very scary as I am afraid of heights but everyone was very supportive and now I love climbing the rigging!

All the voyage crew are becoming more and more confident climbers and under the supervision of the bosunary team are setting the sails and going aloft regularly. I am happy to reassure you that as a doctor my services, other than for minor cuts and bruises and some sea sickness, have not been needed. On the first crossing over to the UK several people were feeling sea sick – luckily we have plenty of buckets on board! But everyone recovered well and kept smiling throughout and slowly everyone is getting less and less sea sick with every day. The resilience the voyage crew have shown has really impressed me, pushing themselves to keep going with watches even when they were tired and feeling unwell.

Our Doctor Rose

One of my favourite parts of the trip so far has been spending time with the voyage crew watching dolphins off the front of the ship – closer than I have ever seen. One person said “all of our friends are at home watching TV and we are here with the dolphins”, that really summed up how special this voyage is for me. A few of the other many highlights have included:

  • Shanty nights with Pete the Bosun and hauling sheets to the shanties
  • Sailing with no engines and just under the power of the sails
  • Seeing the apes at the top of the Gibraltar rock
  • Movie night seeing how life was on old tall ships
  • Abbie’s amazing cooking and brownies

I have loved seeing how all the voyage crew have grown in confidence and knowledge in such a short period of time. I am sad to be leaving but wish the crew the very best for the exciting voyage they have ahead!

Fair winds! Rose

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