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Back on the Atlantic again

Date: 04.11.2018

Author: Tabea

Position: Atlantic Ocean/ En Route to Tenerife

Geographical Position: 29°41.525 N 13°27.527 W

Etmal: NM (total): 127 NM (total 1759 NM)

After the last very eventful days in Morocco today was our first day back on the Atlantic again. Therefore there wasn’t much too see besides water. And since I was on Galley Duty I saw even less of said sea than the others. Sounds boring, but don’t let that fool you. There’s never a boring day onboard this ship.

Galley duty has to get up at 6am and does not have to do watches, which did not stop some people from waking me up three hours too early (Thanks, Tati!). Like every morning the heads were clogged (thanks, mystery person who uses too much toilet paper at night!). This has happened every night for the past week, hence Thierry, the engineer, was woken up every night for the past week as well. So to make sure he gets enough sleep, we are not supposed to wake him up because of heads issues anymore. As a consequence of that everyone had to wait until morning when Thierry helped us turn the flush back on.

On sundays we usually have a deep clean but the galley team doesn’t have to take part in that, which I wasn’t exactly sad about, especially because it was my watch’s turn to clean the heads. That included cleaning the clogged head.
I’m sure they had a lot of fun (Sarcasm, is that you?). In the afternoon the Tuck Shop was open for a few minutes, which led to everyone abandoning their positions in order to get some chocolate or chips.

About a dozen of us also decided to watch a movie in the Saloon and the quality of the movie by the name “Lord of War” was just as good as “Django Unchained” (Sarcasm, are you here again?).

Starting today there will be a weekly navigational class by the captain, where he teaches us everything we need to know about navigation. Today was basic chart reading. So, as you can see, our afternoon was packed, even without school. Because of everything going on in the afternoon the ships council meeting was postponed to Monday.

But escaping the deep clean isn’t the only advantage galley duty has on sundays. For one you don’t miss school, it’s Sunday after all, so there are no classes.
That may sound weird but after three weeks of no school I’d rather not miss even more classes. In addition to that, sunday is funday and while we were playing games in the mess the captain and the teachers were doing the dishes. Less dishes and more rounds of wizard for us (Unfortunately, Kiri won all of them).

After another quite full day I was quickly serenaded to sleep by Helena playing Ed Sheeran on the guitar.

All the best from out here, Tabea

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