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Date: 27.12.2022
Author: Mia
Nautical position: N 14 13.7 W 061 5.9
Etmal: 4713
Ship: Regina Maris 

As soon as the sun had raised we saw land. The whole morning the textures sharpened. When we then passed Martinique our mathclass and watch were interrupted and we got the phones to call our families and friends. Because Martinique is a part of France most of us had European net. Everybody was really happy to hear the voices from home but we were also a little bit sad that we weren’t home at Christmas to celebrate with our families. And to get now all the photos without us.

Water maker: The most important thing on board…

…and now it’s broken because one little part of it got lost. Which mean no more showering or washing and in general as less water use as possible, but Martin will bring the spare parts with him to Curacao. So the captain decided to make a swim stop. About the half of us got their shampoo out and jumped in the really nice and clear water. With the current we drove along the ship to the back and the ladder to get out(?). After two or three times jumping in the water we were all clean(?) but salty. Then we returned the clock, set sails again and now we are heading to Curaçao. 

A calm afternoon

Now the other part has math and english class outside and the rest is on watch, chilling or reading. Only the galley team is working hard for a nice dinner because lunch was just the leftovers from yesterday evening. So they sliced a lot of nice potatoes and everybody is looking forward for the gratin this evening. So wonderful news: Water maker works. They found the little part and fixed it successfully.
Before dinner we had first the presentation from Maliqa about coral reefs. After a few technical problems she could start.

Baden vor Martiniqe

P.S.: Ganz liebe Grüße an meine ganze Familie, ich hoffe ihr habt Weihnachten schön gefeiert. Die Plätzchen waren sicher so lecker wie immer! Noch eine wundervolle Winterzeit mit viel Schnee und viel Liebe.

P.S.S.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Tante Darkmahr (Oma Hu) wünscht Dir Florian

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