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Meeting of Giants

Date: 22.11.2022
Author: Lennox
Position: Santa Cruz Harbour, Tenerife
Nautical position: 28°27.6’N  016°14.7°W
Etmal: 2389 nm

Student Pelican of London

200% Ocean College (one ship = 100%)

Today is a very special day for Ocean College. The two ships, „Pelican of London“ and „Regina Maris“ are together for the first time which means: 200% Ocean College. But let’s begin form the start:

At 02:00 am while the Pelican crew was sleeping except the Harborwatch, the „Regina Maris“ arrived in Tenerife Harbor and got alongside behind us.

In the morning we cleaned our Pelican, so that the ship would be nice and tidy as the Regina Maris crew came onboard to visit. All of us were very excited because we thought it would be interesting to have a look at the other tallship Regina Maris and get to know the others and their thoughts about us.

Some of us were a bit afraid of a competition atmosphere between us because both voyages have advantages and disadvantages. In addition to that, a few of us have siblings on the other ship and were very eager to reunite.

Open Ship Tour

At 09:30 am the first group (A’s) went onto the Regina Maris and they got a tour by half of the Regina Maris crew and vice versa. During that, we got to know the others and I think that they are pretty nice. At 10:30 am the A’s and B’s switched the groups.

Chilling at the Beach

The whole afternoon from 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm we were at the beach ,,Playa de la Teresita’’ together with the Regina Maris crew . It was a second quite good possibility to get to know the others from the Regina Maris while playing some games like football and volleyball with them in clear white sand or we chilled and just talked to each other and had a lot of fun together.

In addition to that, the beach was very stunning with palm trees and the mountains in the background. At the beach there were also some holes in the sand where air came out. It was fun to step into them because you sank further and further into the sand und we didn’t know what was under the sand.

All together

To sum up, the „Regina Maris“ crew was really nice and we had an awesome start together. Regarding the ships: I think both have advantages and disadvantages. The „Pelican“ for example has bigger cabins and masts, which you can climb on. The „Regina Maris“ however has a hot chocolate machine and a much more comfortable messroom and more places to chill for example: They have beanbags. I think it doesn’t matter on which ship you are. Both crews will have an adventure that we won’t forget our whole lives.


Elisabeth: My parents, Amelie
Ich: My family and friends
Teacher Simon: My wife and my family at home, especially Anna and Rahel

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