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Meeting other school ships and spending one last afternoon in Cuba!

Date: 21.02.2019
Position: Waiting in front of Cienfuegos
Nautical Position: 22°07.7´N, 080°27.5´W
Author: Basti
Etmal: covered sea miles unchanged since the last daily report

Today was a special day because currently there are three school ships in the harbour of Cienfuegos: Thalassa, which arrived before we got here and Johann Schmidt which arrived just a few hours ago. Quite interesting was that some of us could visit the Thalassa (from the Dutch project ‘School at Sea’) and also some of us met the students from ‘High Seas High School’“ while they were in the immigration process.

But let’s start with the beginning of the day: We are still in Cuba and waiting for fuel but that’s nothing new. We all had school in the morning in order to have a free afternoon, for which Niki had planned a surprise. We were all excited to hear what it was.

Today at midday we changed the routine a little bit because students from ‘School at Sea’ would come to visit our ship. They had school until 13:00, that’s the reason why we switched Happy Hour and lunch.

Lunch today was special: 15 of us shuttled over to the Thalassa to have lunch there and 18 of them shuttled over to us (they are 36 students, so 6 more than we are). We showed them our ship and had lunch together.

During lunch we had very interesting conversations about the differences between the projects: They told us that they were all from Netherlands or Belgium and that their language on board is Dutch. After this exchange we started shuttling ashore very happily and there we met the students from ‘High Seas High School’.

They arrived about one hour earlier and were now in the immigration process. We all know what that means, long time doing nothing and just waiting till everything is done.

Here, the promised surprise was revealed: We went to a park in the city center of Cienfuegos where we played some short games with the whole group. Afterwards, we were split into six groups with 5 members each and we got a few tasks to be completed in the afternoon.

One of this tasks was to write two postcards to crew members who accompanied us throughout our voyage. After we bought the postcards, we were told to buy sweets with the rest of the money which we will share next Sunday.

Later in the evening, we all gathered again on the pier and drove home on to the Peli. Because the ship that gave us fuel has finally made it to us and we were currently bunkering fuel, we were not allowed to go downstairs or on the deck. In fact, that wasn’t as bad as it might sound because we had a lot of fun playing ‘Psychiater’ with a large group of people.

But in the beginning everybody was sitting around in the mess and soon we realised that we couldn’t have our dinner with 41 people in the mess.

So the teachers and the permanent crew allowed us to use the saloon until the fuel ship was gone. Afterwards we all went happy and satisfied to bed.

I wish you all a wonderful day or night!

PS: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mama!!! Feiert schön, deine Elly

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