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Mid-Atlantic ball

Date: 27.11.21
Author: Yarina
Position: Not much longer on the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 14° 14.4´N 049°58.5´W
Etmal: 132NM (total: 4923NM)

Today was the day everyone was looking forward to. We had our Mid-Atlantic ball. But first things first. The day started as normal as every other day. I got woken up at 07:00 for breakfast. After breakfast we had school. Because it is so hot inside, we had our math lesson outside. Then in the afternoon from 12:30 – 16:00 Main Watch A, so my watch, had watch. During the watch, we saw a pretty nice fish, which is called dolphin fish. Then at 16:00 it happened.

Unsere Lehrer:innen Jamie, Michael und Kristina beim Atlantik-Ball

The watchleaders started to decorate the Welldeck with fairy lights and bunting. Also the galley team got back to the galley and helped Abbie with the buffet. The first girls got their look for the evening and in every cabin you saw there were a lot of people who wanted to get ready. The crew was so kind to relieve the watch, so also they can get ready.

The first boys came on deck with their shirts and the girls with their dresses. It was lovely to see everyone dressed nicely and without oily hair. This is something that happens not that often. After everyone was on deck you could hear the announcement from Abbie.
“You can eat now”
Everyone ran (walk with a purpose) into the messroom and grabbed the nice food. We had some potato, cheese, meat, tortilla, chips, dips and other snacks.

After everyone had had enough food, the big picture session began. We took pictures in every constellation. Girls vs. boys, Cabin pictures, Watch pictures and friends pictures. And only Abbie´s announcement could stop us from taking pictures. And again everyone ran into the messroom to grab the Tiramisu.

Chris, our captain, connected his phone with the JBL box and played the Waltz song. Everyone grabbed their partner (a few persons got asked by someone some days/ weeks before) and we danced to the song. Also the sun went down slowly and the atmosphere was very nice. Because Chris needed to go to watch we stopped dancing the “Waltz”. Now we started dancing to other songs for examples Moskau or Cordula Grün. During dancing we took some Polaroid pictures with costumes or did Limbo.

Slowly, everyone was tired and stopped dancing. We laid on the floor and stared into the clear night sky. We turned the music a little bit down and enjoyed the silence.

The official party was over now because the watch needed to relieve the crew back so they can go to bed and also the people who had night watch went to bed. An extremely nice day has come to an end.

Liebi Familie ich han euch ganz fescht lieb und hoff ihr gniessed jetzt d Wienachtsziit. Backet bitte ganz vielli Guezli für mich mit.
An all mini Fründe: au euch hani ganz fescht lieb und freu ich scho wenn ich wieder mit euch cha telefoniere wenni wieder an Land bi. Ich hoff es goht euch guet und es isch nit al zu chalt bi euch.

Lilli: Ich grüße meine Eltern und meine Freunde, die gerade zu Hause frieren
PS: mir ist es etwas zu heiß hier 🙂

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