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More methanol!

Date: 19th of March 2023
Author: Juno
Position: Saint George‘s
Nautische Position: N 32°22.720 W 64°40.845
Etmal: ca. 8408
Schiff: Regina Maris

(Monkey-) strong start in the day

This morning the wake up calls were a little bit too extreme for some people. Since the teachers have found the fun in waking us up, they have began waking us up with their interesting/ individual music tastes. This morning it was our friendly officer Kilians turn and the beautiful sleeping souls of the wonderful Reggie students were ripped out of their dreams by some Hardcore Heavy Metal. Trust me when I say that it felt like you were standing in a Zoo next to some screaming monkeys. This ‘torture’ went so far, that it even lead certain students to illegally turn of the speaker, even though the last person only should be doing this.

The final cabin swap

After this wonderful start into the day we were allowed to begin our Happy hour, which was quite chaotic, since we had to do this simultaneously to swapping our cabins. Our lovely Vanessa, who was our Project-leader together with Jonathan today, announced our new cabin-mates for the last weeks and who we would spend this last part of our journey with. In total, most of the people were satisfied. While the boys began with heads & showers, the girls began emptying their cabins and moving into their new homes. After that, the whole process was flipped, while the Galley-team fought to prepare their food. As well as burnt rice, which was still partially saved, there was cucumber salad with lots of taste-intensifier instead of salad (people, put a name on that shit!). To make up for this, yummy drinks were given out to people who wanted them, which consisted of lime juice and lots of Sugar, mixed with water (its the thought that counts).

In between of the happy-hour, us students waved goodbye to the High Seas people as the drove out of our little harbour. Maybe we will see the “Gulden Leeuw” on the Azores once again, which would be really nice as they were such nice people.

Survival on a desert island

Once everybody had recovered from this sad moment, Justus drove us to a cute little island where we grilled Corn, Patties, Zucchini… the first two groups were left alone on this unknown island for a long while, which lead us to then begin lookouts on top of the roof of this little house, looking for the next dinghy shuttle to arrive. Once again our creak-motor was not starting. Finally we were all united once again, sat by the bonfire, sang shanties and met our new cook for the first time. Our motto for the evening was: More methanol! Without this wonder-liquid, the fire would not have been half as big as it ended up being.

Since we were given permission, some of us decided to stay on the island overnight. In a cosy group of ten we spent the evening playing guitar at the campfire, climbing onto and exploring the little scout shed nearby and discovering the island. We even found a little lighthouse, which we climbed up. At around midnight most of us went for a swim! Hand in hand we jumped into the freezing cold water from the cliffs and then ran back about 300 metres to the campfire where we could warm up. After talking until late into the night, we headed to sleep and were very lucky that the weather took it easy on us:)

Quote of the day: “Schaller‘ da mal mehr Methanol rein!”

Auf süß die Grüße:

Mia: An Oma G. aus M.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag🥳! Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen wundervollen Tag und hast schön gefeiert. Bis bald, natürlich auch sonnige Grüße an alle Anderen.

Brian: Liebe Grüße an alle Familie und Freunde zuhause, Bermuda war so super und wir hatten so viel Spaß. Hab euch lieb.

Fred-Erik: Grüße an die Familie, freu‘ mich schon auf euch und mein neues Zimmer! Turn up!

Juno: Liebe Grüsse an Valentino und Babsi

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