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Morning Meeting and Bosunary Team

Date: 10. December 2022
Author: Simon
Position: The Atlantic
Nautical Position: 14°57.3°N 041°26.4°W
Etmal: 4221
Ship: Pelican of London

The Morning Meeting

Just before every morning meeting there are cabin rounds. These are always done by Sailor Simon. But the last days he got guest-judges to help him. Before this meeting I was allowed to do that. Except for a few shoes and clothes, the cabins were tidy. But somebody’s bunk had to get an extra mark. We have just finished with the results of the cabin rounds when something unexpected happened: The picknicktable, which was a bit overloaded with people and even other people sitting on them, moved in a worrying way forwards and backwards to the rhythm of the waves…

…chrrrrackkk. The feet of our nice table broke apart and it collapsed with all the screaming people on it. First, we all looked very surprised and a bit stupid.

After a second we started laughing over the people buried under the table, then we helped them to escape from their uncomfortable situation. Luckily, no one got hurt. Finally, this incident turned out as a lucky happening, because without the second picknicktable we had more space to dance during the Mid-Atlantic Ball.

You will read more about the Mid-Atlantic Ball in tomorrow´s report. Today we want to give you some more information about our bosun’s routine.

Bosunary Team

We are living on a traditional tall ship, originally built in 1948, which always needs some maintenance and much love to stop it from falling apart into pieces of wood, steel and rope. This is the job our bosuns do during the day and there are always some of us helping them in the morning or afternoon as volunteers. Additionally, one or two people on watch are asked to help during these times.
I was in the afternoon watch in the last week which included doing lots of bosun´s work. For example, I sanded down the cablebars for hours to remove the old and really thick layer of paint, which was put on by some idiots, who thought painting the bars orange was fun. So I spent two hours doing nothing but sanding these cablebars. But it was really much fun to talk with other people, mostly not even from my watch, who volunteered to help too. The topics of these talks can be everything. I never quoted from a Parody of Harry Potter with my teacher before.


Simon de Boer: Special greetings to my family. I hope you all are fine and have fun even if the weather is not as good as here.
Leni: Liebe Grüße an meine Familie. Ich habe euch lieb, habt eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit und genießt euren Urlaub, in den ihr ja bald aufbrecht.
Elizabeth: Ich wünsche allen daheim eine frohe Weihnachtszeit, ich vermisse euch und ich habe euch unendlich lieb!

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