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My daily report but a bit different

Date: 7th March 2023 
Author: Leopold
Nautical Position:26*08.217 079*36.100
Etmal: 74181
Ship: Regina Maris


Today there were only a few little events nothing too special. But still something happened. The first special event began when the captain shouted: „Miami! We can see Miami.“

Miami (Quelle: pexels.com)

On the horizon there where a few skyscrapers we could see. And also a few minutes before the Ocean College meeting we saw the skyline of Miami with the beautiful red’ish setting sun in the background.

A few minutes later during the Ocean College meeting there was an announcement not as pretty: We’ve been told that our trip was shortened one day. Reason: We would have arrived on a Sunday which could have caused many issues with holiday etc.

In the Engine Room

Anyways, I wanted to tell you things from the engine room because it’s like my second home on the ship.

In Cuba we tried to get a new cooler for the exhaust of the second generator. It was a very hard and sweaty progress for Blümchen to lay on a generator an crawl behind it. After an hour of sweating we finally got all the bolts out and the pretty heavy box out of place.

Next challenge was to get the box out, which wasn’t possible as we found out after 30 minutes of trying. We informed the captan about it an he told us to get it back in place so we don’t lose time on the day of departure. The box was too heavy and myself and Blümchen didn’t get it back in place, so we went showering and ended the day with showing cubans our boat wich was pretty funny because we were still covered in dirt oil and dust.

The day after while we where busy with immigration, Silas and me tried again with more help and together on the generator. It took about an hour but we got it done. Today I was told the pipe connection to the outlet is leaking a little. Maybe because the bolts weren’t tight enough or everything wasn’t in place or a little bit off. We will find a solution in the next harbour but till then will keep an eye on it.

Juno: Liebe Grüße an Emma <3 
Leo: Hab euch lieb Omi und Opi<3

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