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My impressions of Cuba

Date: 19. Februar 2019
Position: Vor Cienfugeos, Cuba
Nautical Position: 22°07.7´ N, 080°27.5´ W
Autor: Nick
Etmal: covered sea miles unchanged since the last daily report

Being in Cuba is a bit like travelling in time. During our cycling tour outside the cities we could see lots of horses which were pulling wagons, sometimes even without wheels, which are used to transport all kinds of goods.

Small tobacco farms were lining the bumpy streets and in the distance we could see water towers, which were looking like big mushrooms, looming into the air.

Our tour guide in Havanna told us that most people that are living outside of the towns are old men who have worked on farms their whole live, and nearly all of the young cubans are working in restaurants or other touristic businesses because of the higher payment.

Like the beautiful colourful cars, buildings and watertowers, most of the cuban technology still is from the 60s.

Of course there also is some new technology imported from China and other countries but most of the cubans can’t afford the high prices and are referring to black markets, where they also can buy food and all kind of other things like tobacco and alcohol cheaper.

Most cubans also trade with each other instead spending their money for expensive things they need. A teacher for example can give some extra lessons to one of his students and in return get some resources to repair his car from the students father who is a mechanic.

This kind of trading is not legal but in most cases the government can’t control it and does nothing against it. A lot of things in Cuba like food and wifi are very limited.

To use the state owned wifi, which is available in the whole inner part of Cienfuegos, you need to buy a card, with an username and password on it.

In general, it works pretty good but if you are unlucky like me and your phone can’t connect itself to the wifi, you paid 2 Cuc (Cubano Pesos Convertible) for nothing.

The supermarkets always only have a small choice of things which are mostly expensive. But there are also small shops, which are specialised on a few products. Here you can buy for example sweets for a very low price.

Despite the lack of modern technology the cuban infrastructure and social system are quite good. The guide who accompanied us during the cycling tour explained us that the whole education and big parts of the healthcare are for free, everybody has the chance to study if they try hard enough.

Even so only few young cubans want to study because even as doctor you get the same payment as everyone else.

I think Cuba is a beautiful island with a very interesting history and more good than bad sides, and I definitely want to come back here one day.

My best wishes to my family and friends at home,

PS: Liebe Paula, ich wünsche dir alles, alles Gute zum 16. Geburtstag. Ich hoffe, du hattest einen schönen Tag mit deiner gesamten Familie.; ) Schade, dass ich dir nicht persönlich gratulieren und dich dabei umarmen kann. Ich habe dich ganz doll lieb und vermisse dich hier. Eine riesengroße Knuddelung vom Schiff. – Kira 😘😘😘

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