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My routine: sleep, watch, sleep, school, freetime, sleep

Date: 7.2.2019
Author: Rene
Position: 13°45.7N 81°44.8´W 
Etmal: 7149 NM

Today, as I was woken up by Niklas at 04:00 am in the morning I was surprisingly pretty awake (if you think about the fact that it was 04:00 am).

But still, I had four hours of watch ahead and I wasn’t that motivated. At first, I took the position of the Starboard Lookout. I was sitting on the dinghi and continuously looked at the ship, that was relatively near to us. I had the job to pay attention that this ship doesn’t get too close to the Pelican.

The only bad thing about this quite chilling job is: you are the next one at the helm. „Helming“ isn’t a really bad job, but if it is 04:00 in the morning and you need to concentrate, it’s not that nice. The changing routine in our watch is like this: starboard lookout > helm (keeping the ship on course on the steering wheel) > spare person (just 30 minutes of freetime) > port lookout > logbook > starboard lookout and so on.

After three quarters of the watch, Poldi and I had breakfast as the first ones of our watch. The watch from 4 to 8 has breakfast during their watch time, which gives me a good motivational boost. Also there was pancakes for breakfast :D. 

After the last hour of our watch, I went to bed again. I had enough sleep already, but it is just an awesome feeling, being able to get to bed again after breakfast. After my short three hours of sleep, we had seamanship class. Today, we practiced a few knots, after the month in Costa Rica we forgot a few of them.

To repeat the knots we split into two teams and did a small race. We had to do a line of knots, a total of 8 knots and the last one one-handed around the wrist of the one who did that knot. The faster group wins! Niklas represented our team in a last knot final, but he had a bit of a struggle and my team lost quite close, but still it was fun.

After the seamanship class, which always takes an hour until 12:00 am, the routine continued with the happy meeting. While White B had to clean heads and showers, I read a book for half an hour. Then we had school, first two hours German, and after that two hours of our second language (Spanish or French).

Because I don’t have a second language at my school, I worked on my presentation about Tuvalu with Marlen. We were quite fast, because we finished the presentation and I spend the rest of the time reading a book for English class.

Afterwards, I had some more freetime until dinner, and then again until my watch tomorrow starts. I spend that time with having a conversation with Nick and also began to write this daily report and reading a bit before going to sleep.

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