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Neptune returns

Date: 10.03.2022
Author: Bennett
Location: North Atlantic
Geographical Position: 37°05’0’’ N
034°24’6’’ W
Etmal: 194 (14.663)
Today Neptune visited the Pelican. Luckily only the crew members that were new needed to pass the test, so they could get their Fish names. Since all the trainees already got a fish name on the last transatlantic, we luckily did not have to participate (unless of course we forgot our fish name). There was an exception for Knut though, even though he was able to remember his. A couple of weeks ago he gave Neptune our thermometer (dropped it in the water), so he needed to join the ceremony too. I had forgotten my fish name, but luckily, I remembered it a couple minutes before I was asked. This time the food that was smeared all over their bodies was old stinky spinach. After Poseidon (usually it’s Simon, but this time we had Ariadni, Clara N., Yarina and Leni doing an amazing job dressing like Poseidon by wrapping a large green net around themselves) smeared the food rests over a participant, they would need to drink some disgusting drink they created. I can say (from own experience) that the drink is the worst part. I am not 100% sure what they put in there, but I know it’s really really really awful. I think usually it’s some type of mixture of coffee, ketchup, soya, some sauce, mayo, milk, spices, curry, and something very spicy.

The New Names
Marc (Medic): fire ball angel fish
Janice (Bosuns Mate):
Fiona (Bosun): Saltwater parrot fish
Connor (Engineers Cadet): Deep water fire fish
Justus (Deckhand): Spotted twin fish
Rest of the day

Throughout the day we sailed at about five knots with just the topsail because the course and the T’gallant are broken. The waves were huge today, about four to five meters of height. At one point while Alina was on the helm, we surfed down a wave with ten knots!

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