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New plans: The Panama Canal

Date: 30.12.2020
Author: Elias
Position: On the way to Panama
Nautical position: 10° 25’ N 078°29 W
Etmal: 149 NM (total: 7147)
Funfact: No blocked toilets since 28 days
Hi everybody,
In our morning meeting today, our Captain Chris told us, that he was talking to Johan… he talked with the immigration of Costa Rica and apparently, we are only allowed to come in their country through the Pacific side. The only problem: We are on the Atlantic side. And by the way, welcome to my daily report!

Beim Segelpacken auf Curacao
Packing sails on Curacao

So we had two options: To sail around the world or to take the Panama Canal. It is very easy, isn’t it? Of course, we will take the option to go through the Panama Canal. Because of that we changed our course from 255° to 235° (magnetic) yesterday evening.
Chris told us that we will get a pilot for two hours to sail in the Panama Canal and back out into the Pacific, as they don’t want us to go through the canal in night time. They are worried that we won’t reach the minimum speed of 8 knots constantly. Our average speed of the past days was at about 6 knots. We will have to anchor another night before we will go through. That way, we will celebrate New Year’s Eve in calm waters, without regular watches and finally some more sleep!

Elias und Sophia am Bug der Pelican
Elias and Sophia

I think that it is a very good plan for tomorrow because we can enjoy celebrating New Year’s Eve (the sleep is good, too). Nicolas already bought some bubble drinks (without alcohol, of course) for us, to make a cheers for the new year. Some of us bought their favourite drinks for tomorrow evening, as well.
Another thing is, that Christmas without my family was quite hard and I am a little worried that New Year’s Eve will be hard as well. But I’m very happy about the changes too, because three months on board of a sailing ship with the same daily routine every single day feel like three very long months. 🙂 But we all love it here.
Originally, our plan was to arrive during the 1st of January 2021, but right now it seems a little ambitious so our new ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the 4th of January. We are all in full anticipation and looking forward to experience the journey through the canal, as it is not only our first time, but the Pelican’s as well. Additionally, the Pelican has never been to the Pacific, so two exciting things to look forward to.

Elias im Steuerhaus

So as you see, plans change rapidly as sometimes things do not happen as expected. But as we are an independent sailing ship, we can beat the creativity of the authorities with our flexibility. Best wishes from Panama, and a very, very big thank you to Fabian for correcting my text. Elias.
Liebste Grüße an meine Family zuhause.
Ich wünsche euch ein wunderschönes neues Jahr und hoffe, dass ihr trotz corona bomben megamässig feiert.
Liebe grüße außerdem an alle meine Freunde zuhause und an meine kleinen Lieblings-Geschwister, ich habe euch ganz doll lieb…
Und auch an meine Eltern liebe Grüße. Ihr seid wunderbar und danke, dass ich hier sein darf. Hab euch lieb! Bis ganz bald.

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